Loan issues

After wait for almost 6 months now, Ather + Hero Finance Corporation Limited working in silo is not helping to make payment for my vehicle. I have opted for 36 months loan duration, however my application is approved for 12 months. Not sure why? Since yesterday I am trying to reach the people through phone (080-41270119) which no one is answering, dropped email to almost 7 people in distribution and no one even care to acknowledge. In the meanwhile I got a note from Ather saying make the down-payment. What is going on? Are you understanding customer pain? This is the problem where service is addressed by algorithm without human touch. I am worried is that going to be the same after sale service may hamper the entire experience. If Ather is not addressing, it is going to be a disaster on after sale service for every customer.


Hi Vijay,

I’ve flagged this to the team and they’ll look into this and get an update across to you soon.

Hi Vijay,

Can you please let me know how long did they take to approve the loan ?

I too tried calling them but no one picked up. I am not sure about the Status of my loan.

Aha!! it reflects the quality of service!!

How long it took for Loan approval ?

It was approved in 2 days post all the documents are submitted

You mean documents submission during the Application submit or Sales person reached your location for collection of documents?

I submitted all the documents online!!

This is the 3rd day I am waiting

Day 4 and counting, still waiting for the update !!

Ather - the whole customer service experience you provided while purchasing the vehicle is ruined by HFCL. I opted to take a loan for a year and I regret that decision so much. The loan was approved but I never got any details about Loan ID / Application ID until I opted for Moratorium in Apr (due to COVID). I had to pay my EMI manually since ECS was not going through. I have been charged late payment charges and my CIBIL score is getting affected because I had no clue how to pay for my EMI. Neither Ather nor HFCL was able to help me with this issue for more than a month. I want to do a foreclosure but now I’m told I will have to pay prepayment charges of 5% on the principal amount. Once I received my application ID, I finally paid for my EMI but I’m unable to check if two EMIs were counted. Really pathetic service by HFCL.

I suggest folks to NOT opt for HFCL loan untell you have to. I also request Ather to get a better tie-up for loans.

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Anyone cleared their loan and received NOC from hero fincorp? I have sent multiple emails requesting NOC, they acknowledge the loan is cleared and NOC will be sent by 7 working days but it’s been more than 2 months. Also the customer support number of hero fincorp does not work, any other number available?

@abhishek.balaji it’s been more than 3 months since loan was cleared, I haven’t received the NOC letter from herofin corp. Their customer support number does not work (1800 102 4145) and I receive standard reply on email stating that “we will get back to you soon”

Is there any other number to contact hero fincorp? Can you please check with them at the earliest?

Hey our team has escalated this to Hero Fincorp and they’ll reach out to you directly.

Thanks!!! I received a call from hero fincorp and they are processing my request.

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Today I went to Bank of India and State bank of India for the loan to purchase Ather 450X. Both the bank replied they will not give loan for electric two wheeler. Is there anybody in this forum who have already taken loan for Ather 450 from any nationalised bank?

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Typical SBI. We should be surprised only if they had not given such replies :smiley:


Its been two days since i got a call from HCFL executive saying that he would come collect the documents, he says he is the only man on the ground so it would take time to collect it. highly unprofessional behavior from Ather’s loan partner, ruined my entire customer experience from ather