Lithium becomes the new Oil

Not long ago around 200 years ago, crude oil was discovered, it was called the Black Gold. When the time was all about the initial beginning for the modern machines. But as time is passing by, the power of the vehicles running from oil-based products has improved and improved safety and dynamics. The US plays the major role as it’s Currency provides the exchange for the crude oil initially, but it went to the exchange currencies provider later (a bit complicated for me)

Lithium was discovered around the same time as metal ore and uses unknown, till a later period it was first time used as grease in aircraft. Later on, it was used in medicals and soaps. Sometime later it got into the manufacturing process of aluminium, glass and war stuff. there was no demand for this ore until the 1990s.

In the late 2000s, lithium was first used as a substitute in batteries which provided a better substitute.

Coming to the topic soon after the world realise that the car powered by a lithium battery can run faster than its competitor oil-based, it’s clear that it can be the new oil. Lithium not only is power the vehicle but it’s the fuel for Drones, Phone, scooters and Pretty much everything electronics which is self-sustained for a limited period of time.

With the growing demand in the world for lithium to make or at least make it greener, relying on other countries for the transport fuel, to become independent Lithium will be the answer for it. But knowing that a very handful of countries can supply this ore relying on this will be a big shot.

The demand vs supply is never on par, but considering that this metal not only provided for batteries but also for a lot of products, while fossil fuel is seeing a lot of negativity in it’s demand, Lithium will provide the alternate. the countries while has this ore will set the bounty.

Note: This article is just my presumption of the future.If I missed something you can add to this by replying.