Less Regen effectiveness below 5% SOC

Today I became a little cocky and decided to take out my Gen3X out at 25% charge. Little did I know my commute would involve 25 km round trip with idle drain in between (even tho my avg was 25.75Wh/km)

So cutting it close to a Grid with 3-4% remaining, realised the force regen works as good as no Regen. It wasn’t there when I needed it the most!

Is this an intended behavior? Regen very weak at low SOC


Many complaint about the weak regen on forum a few days ago.

But @abhishek.balaji said he asked the team, and they confirmed that they have not changed any regen settings.

So…"ab teri bhi chup,meri bhi chup":person_shrugging:


This idle drain. I have some really bad words for it which can get me banned from the forums. The idle drains increases SIGNIFICANTLY at lower SOCs and it pisses me off so much when I’m out with barely any range left. I leave the scooter for a few hours and it looses 3-4km :rage:

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I arrived at work after college, 7km away from home at 7%. I was confident.

That confidence was shattered when I returned to my Whee to see it somehow drained to 4%. And then jumped to 3% within seconds at standstill ¯⁠\⁠_⁠(⁠ツ⁠)⁠_⁠/⁠¯ I’m lucky multiple Grids were nearby on the way home.


Don’t trust the battery % or projected range when it is below 30%.


Correct less than 30% is critical and dangerous so I charge Ather always on 30% .I don’t go till 20 or 10% only use 70% battery.

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