Lease period ending - what to do?

It’s around that time, I have 3 months to go on the lease period. Assuming I still want to have an electric scooter, I have two choices

  • I give the scooter back and get back the deposit of 75K (I assume it is given in full as my scooter is in really good condition). I put this towards a 450X or a 450plus
  • I pay 10K extra and get the vehicle transferred to my name

My rationale for taking the vehicle on lease was that I thought that the vehicles will advance a lot in 3 years and this will be completely outdated. In addition, the battery will degrade so badly that I will find it impossible to resell. Both of these have not happened, I don’t see the EV market has changed significantly. Also, I’ve been extremely surprised that even after 3 years and 9000 km of use, the battery degradation has been minimal.

I’m tending towards the second option. From what I can gather, I need to pay an extra 75-95k to get the 450plus/450x and I don’t think it offers that kind of additional value. What are the other people that leased the scooter during the initial days doing?


Pay 10K and keep the vehicle. Economical option.


Return and buy Ola .


Ola has a scooter you can actually buy?


Economical is buy it off and ride it for another 3-4 years. Then we may have options to consider.