Learner's drive mode

Request for learners drive mode (LLR mode :slight_smile:)

  1. Capability to cap the speed at 20 km per hour ( or any other speed the user wants). This will help user to not accidentally accelerate to high speeds by mistake.
  2. When in learning mode, sudden surges of accelerations to be restricted (different from 1st point) and only gradual acceleration should be allowed
  3. Show how the user has practiced making the S as mandated by the RTO’s. Sound indications can be provided during the ride and visual after the ride (or as deemed fit)
  4. Any other feature to help users to learn driving a two wheeler

Hoping these safety learning features can bring in confidence to my wife to start again to learn driving a two wheeler and for my kids in future.

@abhishek.balaji FYI. Can you share the link to start a new topic under this category


we already have it

the ECO mode. :blush::slight_smile:


I think he is talking about @rajeshkav mode :grinning:


For 1 and 2, I’d switch to ECO mode. :wink:

Another thing that I can think of is a Balancing wheel. It isn’t a feature but an accessory. I’m telling this from our experience of teaching how to ride a bicycle for my kid. Most of us wouldn’t have ever used a balancing wheel for bicycles (and hence wasn’t necessary for scooters). But for people who want to learn riding a scooter but haven’t/hadn’t learnt how to ride a bicycle, this will help IMO.

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I tried Eco mode… but I have given up… I am NOT using it anymore.

Fact is that, I get better range in Ride/Sports than Eco.


This is slightly different. It was real easy teaching my kid when 5 years old to drive a cycle and I am sure I will not have to teach my kid to drive a scooter.

You should try teaching an adult to drive a scooter. This is a whole different thing :wink:

Tried and failed directly on a scooter. It’s a bit dangerous too. Switched to a cycle and was successful. Gave up on the scooter but will have to start again.

I am not sure of the speed in eco mode. Have not checked it out and I expect my Ather delivery this weekend max.

The park assist mode is itself good enough for controlled speed. Its capped at 5kmph so shouldn’t be a problem. But i’m not sure if you want to teach someone how to drive on an ather. Given that people will have balancing issue when learning how to drive, its very easy to damage the vehicle.

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I just found out that park assist is to go forward too. I thought it was for reverse only. I was thinking 10km per hour will be good. Will try the 8 myself when I get it to see if 5km/per is too slow or not.

If speed is limited to what one sets, then the learner can confidently use it.

Hoping the scooter inspires to learn and any safety aspects will add confidence.

Don’t overthink on the issue sir, and do reconsider the plan of learning how to drive on an Ather. Its not worth the risk, please let them learn on a good cycle and move from there to driving a moped, it will take hardly a day or two to gain confidence.

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If you have a Yulu drop-off point near your house, rent one of those miracle e-scooters and teach them how to drive.


Learnt on a cycle after first attempt on Scooty didnt work out. It is very dangerous is learn directly on a scooter. Next step is learn to drive a two wheeler. I dont have the scooty now and also need something different to inspire :).

Great idea. Never struck me. I’ve seen those e-scooters in Bangalore. Unfortunately I stay in Chennai.

The best solution to this is hiring a beat up bounce and learning on that, no chance of damaging ather, learning how to ride a moped and if it gets damaged while learning, less liability and less guilt if it’s already beat up. Ather is still heavy compared to an activa, so learning on that is definitely not going to be easy nor advisable.