Launching our first Impact Report

Hey folks!

We’ve published our first ever Impact Report for Ather, for the year 2020. While the impact of EVs on the planet is obvious, the impact on people, products and the ecosystem is not tracked well. As founders, Swapnil and I care about this.

So instead of just publishing one metric we are publishing a first of it’s kind Impact report (in India) measuring our impact across the entire value chain for FY20. The intent is to institutionalize this by measuring more than 250 metrics and to publish annual results publicly.

Incidentally, we are the first company in India and only the second auto company globally after Tesla to publish an Impact report :slight_smile:

Hope this leads to many more in our space to embrace the same! Read the full report here:


Congratulations on getting the Gold Leaf, @raghav.srinivasan you made it in the Records


If you ask me to pick the top 3 points in the report, it’d be the following:

  • 7.5MT of CO2 savings Mar 2020 (and another 7.5MT till Feb 2021) is a wonderful achievement.
  • Highest number of women in manufacturing facility.
  • Only 1 out of 300+ components are imported.

The entire team at Ather must be proud of these and the many other achievements. Congratulations on the gold leaf and wish Ather all the success as you wheee across the country and outside.


Congratulations @tarun and team.


Kudos to @tarun and team! May you get the platinum leaf in the next Impact report…(sorry for being greedy) :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I liked the fact that ather is the first company in India with an impact report. Also, gender equality and addressing issues of the same is very remarkable.

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Congratulations on selling 6K + scooters! Those are some interesting numbers


I read news in google about the report saying it’s the second company after Tesla to release these statistics. I’m dreaming about the day the whole world will be eco friendly without pollution. Cheers for the future generation.

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How much CO2 was produced to generate electricity (burning coal) which saved 2Cr worth fuel ???


Congratulations to Indian “Tesla”

Definitely much less than the amount of CO2 that would have been burnt trying to ship more fossil fuels across the world - only to be burned again to run vehicles that emit more CO2.

All in all, it’s a Win for EVs.

From one year ago : 45% of the energy generated in Karnataka comes from renewable sources.


Congratulations Ather team! This is impressive. This brought up some sense of being part of good things as EV user. :slight_smile:

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You might be interested in the energy statistics report. Annually it is generated by the Ministry of statistics. the percentage of power generated by Renewable sources are increasing each year. I have pasted one page of that report and the link to the entire report.


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But then as per latest news indian government is planning increase in share of nuclear power for future

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