Kompally & Suchitra Circle Hyderabad needs Ather charging grid

I stay in kompally and it’s been a almost 1.5 year since I bought Ather 450x and I mailed your customer service several times to set up fast charging grids in kompally, suchitra circle, chintal area stretch since we are having no charging grids available near by locations. The nearest Ather charging grid is at almond house Secunderabad which never works at all and it’s close to 12 kms from my place. I could see many customers with their Ather scooters in our area but it’s totally neglected by your team when it comes to expanding Ather public charging grids.


You are right Sandeep, I think Ather should plan to set up new Grid points in kompally, suchitra circle, chintal area. I stay in Suchitra and I see only one option in Sanikpuri (almost 11KM) on the way to my office.

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