Knowing your 450X

@abhishek.balaji Considering that many of us have spent much time with the vehicle there are still many things about the vehicle which are unknown/unanswered

  1. Considering that an ev vehicle is a new thing for us is it safe to drive in the rain/dust environment with the charging flap open if no then what are the known issues so far

  2. We have noticed that vehicle’s motor fan changes when it comes in contact of water (during rains) why so i.e. what are the parameters for fan sound to change

  3. The vehicle is claimed to navigate till 200mm of water what if the vehicle wades through water level higher than it i.e what happens if the water touches nearly the floorboard or above it

  4. The company’s claim of the warranty of the vehicle and battery is 3 years what happens to it after that

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Shouldn’t have a considerable impact due to dust/splashes of water when the flap is open. There is a mechanism to drain water in case of occasional splashes. However, if there are heavy rains or you’re washing your scooter, it’s recommended to close the flap.

It’s not the fan, but the belt noise. When it rains, there’s likely dust and grime that stick on to the belt. When the vehicle is running, this will cause some sound, but it’ll slowly fade away as the dust and water get ejected out of the belt.

The vehicle is not completely waterproof. The floorboard recommendation exists since the motor and some more sensitive electronics are placed just above that area, and water can affect those. Wading through water when the level is just below the floor board is ok.

It won’t stop working the moment warranty expires. Batteries degrade over time slowly, so you’ll notice that your range numbers would get affected, but nothing significant.

You can see this graph that illustrates how the oldest battery packs being used on 450s on road are performing. The data looks promising, and you can expect to not replace your battery pack for degradation for around 5 years or so. That’s when the impact on range would be significant enough to warrant a replacement.


Can u explain the graph to us,I have prebooked my scooter and not an owner yet so cudnt attend the live meeting or can u give a link where the graph is explained I really don’t understand what the blue dots stand for.

Y axis - is the State of Health (SOH). So 0.95 = 95% SOH X axis - is the odo of scooters on road.

The dots show frequency. So if you see a dark blue dot, around the 15k kms odo mark & just under 0.95 SOH, it means there are a lot of scooters on road, which have run 15k kms so far, and still have battery health close to 95%.

That should help you read the graph thoroughly.

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In India Its hard too check water depth beforehand yes we wouldn’t risk wading through it if its looks deep enough but then if by chance the vehicle stops after/during wading through water what steps do you recommend for the vehicle and what will be the cost /will the replacement be included in the service plan

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Hard to say, since it’ll depend on a case to case basis as to what would have to repaired/replaced. In case it stops, turn off/shutdown the scooter completely and reach out to road side assistance asap to get your scooter picked up. Avoid trying to start/ride again before the service team takes a look at it.

Can you also explain the behaviour of kill switch if it is disengaged during ride coz have been through instances where motor did not start till i turned the on/off after stopping and then motor starting during ride in some instances

Hello sir, I want to upsize rear tyre with 110/80, may I know does it hamper my warrenty.

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I dont think changing tyres voids warranty but range and performance will be impacted by it

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Hey @abhishek.balaji can we know what will happen if the 50/60kw tata fast chargers are conneccted to 450X will it short circuit or will it fast charge considering also those chargers have different pins/charhing connector what if we charge 450X using compatible connector/adding ather compatible connector pin

It has been discussed previously They use CCS2 type connectors and Ather uses its proprietary connectors, The problem is Voltage, they run on at least 150v Vs ather used 58v to charge its battery, and a conversion module/ or system is not even cost-effective to manufacture

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I agree but what will hapoen if we purchave a connector from after market and plug in ather at 60kw fast charge will the charger trip or will the vehicle adjust voltage automatically

Unless you make one, there isn’t any aftermarket connector. And you are potentially going to fry the electronics by pushing in 72v while the BMS is expecting 58v.

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You cannot, Ather will accept anything in between 3.3 kWh not 60 kWh, if you like fireworks then you can try

PS: 60 kWh is like you are trying to push 600000 watts into a system that accepts only 3300 w

Thanks just wanted to know coz as we could also charge our mobile using fast charger so there was software which enables fast charging in charger just wanted to know do ather /any other ev vehicle has same capabilities

Even mobiles need to support fast charge protocols (QC 2.0,3.0, Dash Charge… etc).

Plugging in a Samsung Galaxy S3 into a QC3.0 compliant fast charger will not work because the older Samsung doesn’t support fast charging.


Yes but the older one will charge slowly if not fast

@abhishek.balaji is the 450X bms designed to cut off power to battery in case of accident/structural damage to the battery and is the bms designed to allow few more connections such as charging port (by ather service team on request ) at the cost of range