Kabira Mobility

These specs looks pretty interesting



Their instagram has more info about the bikes

Hub are a no go no matter how advance they get cuz in time dust and grim will get it and cuz that chus chuz noise And ultimately corrosion

After certain amount, torque figure is useless. For 2w, the extra torque will be never used as it will just lift front wheels. But if what to do wheelie…

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How about a hubless hub motor, about torque if you put it to right use with the right aerodynamics you can help the vehicle to create enough downforce (f1,mtt y2k or reverse aircraft model) and any e2w in a bike format however good the battery will always be extremely front heavy.

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Kabira generally sold rebadged soco’s from what I understand, is this any different?


One more competitor in the Race of th Ev I Guess. Even thought their bikes look coll from visiting their website let’s see what are the specs now and specially the pricing.

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more competition vs Ather will get a motorcycle in the year 2030.


:open_mouth: thats interesting I’ve never heard of it. But yeah it makes sense since I’ve never seen anyone servicing/cleaning a hub motor and it’s literally the lowest part on the scooter so very prone to getting wet/dirty and every kind of environmental abuse!

No clue. My first impression of this was also a rebadged bike. The quality of plastics and other parts, from the pictures do not brag quality… although the marketing material is good