Is it worth it?

I have pre-Ordered Ather 450X, but after reading this forum i think its a good performance machine but far from a smart scooter. In addition to that there are also post sales issue like scratched up panels during delivery and poor customer service response, things along those line. Given all this lets say “scope for improvement”, is it worth buying now? or better to wait to see if things improve?

What are the thoughts of current 450X owners does the pros out weigh the cons?

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I suggest you wait until things get better. If you already have a 450, the X is not exactly a huge improvement over it.

There are definitely software stability issues for which OTA updates are required. It is not like we are unable to use the features that are existing (BT is yet to be rolled out as software feature) but there are stability issues.

Not everyone has the hardware related issues there are a few who had bad experiences with delivery and scratches. But we cannot rule out their experiences even if they are few, just we have to be more cautious while taking delivery keeping their experiences in mind.

So if you want a much stable software experience then wait for few more days rather than just jumping and getting disappointed.

If you ask weather to purchase or not then it is a big yes but now or after is your call.

In my case I know the issues and I am ok with them and opted my self to wait for some time for software OTA hence I purchased.


If I were you I would wait for a few months, if your not in a hurry to get a two wheeler. I have posted my issues on software review channel with photos and videos of the issues I faced. The performance is good no doubt about that but this is marketed as smart EV, so no go there. I have subscribed for the pro version for both software and hardware services, I understand issues but the fact that their support staff just replies with a generic reset and shut dowm mail and not responding after that, is a pain and frustrating. If u don’t care about software and just want a good performing ev I guess u could go for it. Don’t go for the software features it just too glitchy subscribe for the hardware services. I would also point out this year there are a lot of ev 2 wheelers coming out, you could wait and see how the competitors are, simple energy claims alot for the same price point.

Sure bro I’m for waiting issues photos and videos

Right now whoever is purchasing Ather 450X, is crazy for series 1… If you don’t want a single disappointment, than better to wait… but in the end, it is worth buying…

i think i’m gonna wait, i pre ordered and was about to make payment and literally everyone i know says the software is buggy, 1.6L for a 3.2kv battery is so expensive, the site was so buggy it didnt even let me add the portable charger, i’ve heard so many experiences where the post sale experience is awful, i think i’m gonna wait.


It’s a 2.9kWh battery. Usable is 2.7kWh At first glance. I does look expensive but 1.6L is not just for the battery. It’s a performance oriented scooter. KTM Duke 125 is 1.78lakhs. Other 125cc bikes are at under 80k. So it’s not that simple. But if the battery size is your number 1 priority look into pure ev. I think it’s got the most value in terms of battery capacity.


there are new EV’s that are about to release with 4.2kv with 250km range, competition is good for everyone

Absolutely. We need someone to go head on with ather. Simple energy looks promising but seems like a clear case of overpromising. 4.2kWh battery cannot possibly get you 240Km on an average. Looking closer to 120-150Km which is still amazing. But the price is what everyone is curious about.


yes but if i am paying 1.7lakhs as is, i really wouldn’t mind any hurdle that comes for a 150/200 km range vehicle, i’d pay more than that for range, like at that point you are buying the vehicle as an enthusiast

With the current battery tech. Bigger batter = Heavier scooter = Need a more powerful motor Both of which will result in lower efficiency Which will finally lead to lower range 🤷 Just have to wait till you get more energy dense batteries to make it a viable buy. But will current tech. I’d say 4kWh battery would be ideal. For the average indian.