Is buying insurance from showroom necessary?

I just wanted some clarity if its compulsory to buy 5 year Insurance for showroom.My delivery location quoted Rs12,000 for 5 year insurance which I think is too high.So can I opt for 1 year Comprehensive and get insurance myself the following years as I can save money here as use for pillion foot rest and custom number plate.

Its hard for me to convince my family further after waiting 5 months to keep pre-order if the price keeps inflating from 1.36L when we booked to 1.63L now.we are just getting a 450x cause we love Ather’s product.


You can opt insurance of your own choice just submit the documents before registration of vehicle to process the registration.

Many insurance options cost around 6 -7k. Just pay all charges except insurance and get one of your own choice.

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thanks for the info that option is available cause 6-7k seems fine if we compare similarly priced petrol scooter like SXR160

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