Is ather coming with new model or upgraded version?

Dear Community, Just a suggestion from all: Is it worth buying Ather 450x when OLA is coming with all excellent features at the competitive price, so is the latest TVS Iqube. Moreover, Ather has also tried to give hints that it will come with the new variant. So is it the best time to purchase 450x, or should we wait for the new variant or consider other company? I don’t want to purchase the Ather at the end moment where if I had waited few months I would have got the new model of Ather.


No one has any info on Ather’s new model about the timeline or features or price. It is best left to your own guess. And, nothing to show that a new model is coming up in 2022.

A new model may come with:

  • Higher range but with a much higher price - Around 1.6L
  • No-frill model with cut-down features like iQUBE Base model - Around 1.1L
  • Or, somewhere in between - Around 1.3L

A new model may come and still may not impress you as an upgrade.

On the contrary, some one who bought TVS iQUBE Gen 1 recently would regret that could have waited. :slight_smile:

Ola S1/Pro: If you like the way it is currently it is, it is very good value for the range it provides. But, lots of doubts over quality, service and overall trust

iQUBE Gen 2: Very good option after their new release. You need to wait for the test ride and decide.


There are leaks & rumours about newer models of 450x & plus Is this true @abhishek.balaji ? Here’s a link claiming the existing orders can be upgraded too

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