Introducing the Ather Ride Log

Hey @Ather_Owner

We know you’re all waiting to ride your Ather 450 again. The Ather 450 electric scooter you’ve been riding is intelligent, smart and connected. You’ve already been enjoying features like on-board navigation, ride statistics, OTA updates, remote monitoring and more. Unlike other scooters where once you buy the vehicle, you ride it and then live with it, the Ather 450 allows you to get more data, enabling you to understand, modify and control how you ride and own the product. Not just that, by using your ride data + aggregated data from thousands of Ather Owners, the insights becomes more useful and powerful than what can be gained with just your ride data.

With enough users on the road, we are introducing the Ather Monthly Log starting April, which will help you to understand your ride and usage patterns.

Aggregated monthly stats

Check out the aggregated monthly data and the month-on-month comparison of trip and charging data

Ride efficiency

See how you’re riding compared to the Ather Community. You can see what your average efficiency was in the last month based on all your trips, and compare that to the best efficiency in the community

How did you ride?

Were you efficient, balanced or aggressive? Compare your riding style with the rest of the Ather Community and adjust your ride behaviour if needed.

Sport vs Ride vs Eco

How much did you ride in each mode? Know how much you ride in each of the modes to get insights into which one you prefer.

Charging behaviour

Mostly charging at home or using Ather Grid? Know how many units your vehicle consumed that month when you’re charging at home or using the portable charger, and how many units you consumed at Ather Grid locations. The charging sessions graph, along with average start and end times help you understand your charging patterns.

Badges and more…

Unlock badges using your Ather 450 by visiting 5 unique Ather Grid points, riding more than 1000 km a month, and more! The Monthly Ride Log will continuously evolve over the next few months based on feedback from you.

Note: You’ll get your Monthly Ride Log on the 10th of the subsequent month. It is only available to those on any of the Ather subscription plans. Currently, the log will not be sent out if you’ve driven less than 1 km in that month.

Check your inbox for the March and April ride logs. If you have discovered something about your usage over a few months, or there’s something more you want to see, share your thoughts and feedback below. We can’t wait to hear what you’ve learnt from your data.

We’ve been beta testing the Ride Log with a small set of owners over the last few months, and it has been incredibly helpful in refining the Monthly Ride Log. A huge shout out to everyone part of the @OpenLabsBetaGroup for being a part of the beta program and sharing valuable insights and feedback. The Monthly Ride log will continuously evolve over the next few months as we make improvements to the design, and make it a seamless part of your ownership experience with the Ather 450.


It is saying that I have driven zero kilometres whereas, I have driven it everyday.


Thanks for reporting this, we’ll look into why this happened. Your April report is fine?

Where and how to see ?

My ride log has a lot of wrong info,

× Used grid everyday for hours, but it shows only 1 kWh consumed on grid

× Visited all 10 grids on first month, but it shows not even 5 grids visited

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You should had got a mail like this below,


Did you visit all the 10 Grid points in March? The ride log for March will only account for the visits in March and you’ll have the chance to earn the badge every month.

The energy consumed while charging at Ather Grid based on your sessions will add up to around 1 unit consumed. Grid charging is more efficient than home charging + you don’t charge to 100% each time.

Noted, thanks for sharing this. Will check with the team on what happened in this case.

Yes I did, and also did multiple times, Also I used everyday for many hours, so report is seriously missing the grid charged kWh number.

Well think of charging it from 20% to 80% for at least 20 to 25 days, I don’t suppose it’ll round up to 1 kWh.

As per my Ride Statistics in app, the cumulative distance travelled for April is 24.3 Kms. But as per the Ride Log report its 20 Kms. How is the log report generated? Both has to be in sync for perfect results.

Today received mail…

How to get this update

You will get it by email. When did u get Ur vehicle?

Hi @abhishek.balaji what happened to ride log of may…? Has it stopped…?

its already mid of the month, I haven’t received the Ride log too…

Hey @arunkabadi @diwakar24, you can expect the ride log next week

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@arunkabadi @diwakar24 Hi guys, did you get your ride log for May? I am still waiting for mine.

I received