Introducing the Ather Ride Log

@rpraveenr yes I have received it…

Yes, received it last Wednesday.

Have you checked spam?

Even I haven’t received any ride log yet.

I haven’t received June ride log but got the July log mail so had to put up a mail. Also I feel There should be a current ride efficiency Indication too

Please report this to the CS team, they’ll be able to follow up on your exact case and get back to you with an update.

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hi i have not received the ride log for august and September


same here. i think it was missed by them. @abhishek.balaji can u pls give us update on monthly log?


I haven’t received ride log for August and September…when would I receive , even I have mailed customer support team.

In last 5 months of ownership, I have received monthly ride log only ones.

Have you ridden the vehicle in those months you haven’t got it? It won’t be sent if you haven’t clocked any kms in a month.


Since Aug 15 I’ve ridden for almost everyday. Yet no ride log. Wait, do you need to be on a subscription to get the ride logs too? :no_mouth:

Yep, at least Ather Connect.

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But out of curiosity does ather still collect data from our rides? Even if we’re not on a connect plan? Since I’ve noticed that it indicates that my sim is active and connected.

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Since delivery on 12 May, 2020.

I’ll get back on this in a few days, have to get the details from the team.

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I guess yes.

Some data plan is also there hopefully even if you’re not opting for it.

That’s how they’re promising to give critical OTA updates maybe.

But let’s wait for them to confirm.

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From what I read in announcement is that critical updates will be loaded when we take our vehicle for service.

Hi, @abhishek.balaji

:rocket: Your Ather 450 Ride Log | July 2020 On August 14th (this is last i received Log)

Till date not receive any Log …

Hey folks

We’ll be sending out the ride logs together for August and September in about a week. We were making some upgrades to our systems, and hence the delay.