Insurance? Stay Alert, Double Check before Availing πŸ˜΅β€πŸ’«

Did You guys Observe as within Insurance till Gen 2.

Electric Accessories were Covered within Insurance, Where Charger Issues can be claimed.

Post these Refunds the Companies became Smart and Removed it. Spoke to ICICI Manager and He said that Now Charger is 3rd Party Figment. So It won’t be Covered which I told Absolutely BS.

Took Second Insurance Cancelling First One.

So Double Check your Insurance Copy as this Happened, When I Renewed with Ather EC itself :zap:

Thanks for Supporting on the Discussion and Clarifying My Doubts Regarding this Mr. @sandeep6513 from Hyderabad Community :green_heart:


Doesn’t chargers have 3 years warranty in itself?

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Warrenty will not be Covered If Charger is Physically damaged

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