Install Gen 3 Mirrors on Gen 2 450X

How to install Gen 3 mirrors on Gen 2 450x? I plan to purchase Gen 3 mirrors from a fellow Gen 3 owner who doesn’t use the mirrors on his 450x. Also how much are the new Gen 3 mirrors for?

You can get in touch with local EC and get it directly from them.

[Are the new rear view mirrors compatible with older generation scooters?]

Has anyone had their mirrors replaced with the new ones? Ather’s billed me for ₹1514.06/- which is not in line with the price in this FAQ, also, they have billed two different rates for the mirrors. Can someone explain?

@abhishek.balaji I thought they would be available as Accessories for previous owners. doesn’t that mean we can buy it via Ather Credit?

Can you please confirm the price of the mirrors

I contacted the Chennai Ather Center to get my mirrors replaced and they said that Gen3 mirror is not compatible with Gen2 ( due to difference in the mounting thread). Can someone confirm if they have changed it and no problems occurred so far ? - Regards / Vasu

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