Indore Community Ride

The 17.5 KM Electric Ride⚡

Indore had it’s first ride in the six months of operation. It was a great experience. Loved every part of it. It was planned about two weeks in advance. I had received say 5-7 calls and also invited by the service manager when I went to the EC. The ride was planned for 8:00 AM with meeting at 7:00 AM. I reached at dot 7:00 to find two other owners also there. I thought I would be first but I wasn’t. Nevertheless, there were interactions, tea/coffee biscuits, photo ops and handing over of merchandise. I went wearing my 450X tshirt but switched to that t-shirt. Wish I could continue wearing mine. The dealer hired a photographer but Here are few photos which I captured.

My 450X Series 1 getting attention:


On Road:

At The Breakfast Place:

Some videos:

Overall a great time. Loved it. Looking forward to more electric rides :zap::sunglasses:

Edit: I got a call from the service manager regarding other information, feedback etc. There has been some miscommunication that I was forced to change the t-shirt. I want to clarify that no one forced me to change and I did it with my choice as everyone else would wear the same. No issues with anyone. Loved the ride, love Ather. :heart:


Hi, Just want to know that how we can install new charging point near to our industry area, as there is no charging point nearby. Any suggestions

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For grid installation you can write to

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