Indicator Auto Off

I noticed that although the behavior is random, usually the right turn trigger doesn’t respond fast and it switches off after longer. Left randomly switches off. At times using both brakes cancels the left signal!

I had written to Ather team on this issue and after few follow-ups, they sent a technician who checked and confirmed the switch is fine and it is a known SW bug. He also mentioned there is an OTA update expected in the last week of Jan that should fix. Nothing so far!


How do the turning Indicators work? Sometimes they auto-off and sometimes they don’t. Does anyone else have the same issue?


Same !!! They turn off sometimes when I brake before turning as well.


This issue has been somewhat fixed in the coming OTA. Now the indicators do stay on, and auto cut off only at turns. Hopefully, it will be fixed proper in the next OTA.


I don’t see why this complication exists in the first place. A flick of the thumb is all it takes to cancel the indicator. Now you have an expensive, finicky IMU and a whole bunch of processing power being spent on something that is so trivial.

The end result is a product that is needlessly expensive and annoying to boot.

An option to disable auto cutoff indicators would probably work better than all these piecemeal fixes.


Hey folks,

Update on the auto indicator issue: Internal updates - Ather 450X & 450 Plus


Thank you listening to us…really appreciate. Next update will be the most awaited one, fingers crossed.

This might also have a lot to do with it: New recall norms and high cost of loose quality controls


Yes for me also, it turns off before taking a turn and if I apply both the brakes simultaneously it turns off

I can’t believe it’s taking this long for such an integral update. If the indicator wasn’t turning off then it would be manageable, but hilariously enough it just turns off whenever it feels like.

This has been a real problem while switching lanes , and this issue needs to be addressed more seriously than it is being.


I kinda took another test drive a few days back, and in heavy traffic. The only way to get the indicators working like we. want is to implement dash cams with AI. Otherwise it is close to impossible to judge with just one (though complex) sensor to make sure if it was a lane change, a shallow turn, a U, a complicated zig Zag, etc.

Not saying that it can be made better, but unless truly intelligent, it has limitations. More could be done with speed estimates and if there was an angle sensor for the handlebars.


In a world where AI is deciding the drive setting your in - Forward or reverse. This seems like the only way to go in the future. But we’re so far from it as of now :pensive: even tesla doesn’t use AI for auto indicators.

In the end it comes to nuralink-ing human brain :joy: .

The best way to use the indicators are to be aware of it. I think it happens quickly and you get to an understanding how it operates.

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Yes this should work

Might as well just use hand signals then!


Hey @abhishek.balaji noticed that its now taking longer/have to press hard for indicators to turn on after disabling the auto off switch is it software bug or hardware issue

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After the new atom update the indicators sometimes don’t turn on and this is a very serious issue… I had to press the indicator button almost 4 times for it to work… Please resolve this asap

Yes, I’m also facing the same issue. Now after few days the data synced properly but from Today evening it’s the same story again.

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Yes for me also the indicator won’t work properly even if I switch it on it doest on only in Bangalore traffic I don’t know what to do

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