Indicator Auto Off

I have noticed that on many occasions my Indicator turns of prematurely when I turn right . This forces me to turn it on again as I negotiate the turn.

When I turn left the auto indicator off mechanism doesn’t seem to work and I have to disengage manually.

Whats the solution to this problem?


I agree. It happens many times.

Yes this happens with me too on daily basis. It’s erratic.

yes facing same issue

the before turning it self the it auto off

Happens to me as well. At first I thought it’s like auto turn off (something like car) but looks like it’s an issue which happens occasionally.

Happens with me too. Turn indicator gets off even before completing the turn.

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It’s a known bug. Ather is working on that

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Yes this happens with me too on daily basis. It’s erratic.

No issue with the GYRO I hope.

Yes, turn indicators are def buggy. I have experienced this inconsistent behaviour.

@abhishek.balaji is this issue taken care in the OTA which is scheduled to us next few days

Just provide us a toggle option on dashboard to disable auto-cutoff feature until the problem is sorted out. This suggestion is for the safety of the rider. This provision may be made available over an OTA update.


Agree. Facing issue. Sometimes it works. Yet to figure out pattern.

Yes, Myself also facing the same issue frequently and when raised this issue, the reply got back is: -----Need to check whether the below will solve the issue.

"Thanks for writing to us! We request you to do a vehicle shutdown, restart and dashboard reset.

Dashboard reset

Step 1: Turn on the vehicle key.

Step 2: Engage the right and left hand brake lever simultaneously along with the start button for 5 seconds.

Step 3: Vehicle dashboard will restart and load to the home screen.

Vehicle shutdown

  1. On the dashboard,click on the blue icon (before the network bar) on the top left corner.

  2. In the next screen kindly select shutdown (at the bottom), the vehicle will prompt you to turn off the key, kindly do so.

Have a nice day!"


For me the Update has worked. Though the indicator of for both the turns are not synchronized I.e . For left turn it turns off immediately and for right its three beeps more after the vehicle has turned.

The system has become reliable. Weldone Team Ather. Wishing you the best to fine tune the system .

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One specific glitch is that the turn indicator will turn off if you press both the brakes at once without turning at all. Also the indicators turn off randomly too

How did you fix your indicators. I also have the same problem the indicator at times turns off automatically and at times it does not

I noticed that although the behavior is random, usually the right turn trigger doesn’t respond fast and it switches off after longer. Left randomly switches off. At times using both brakes cancels the left signal!

I had written to Ather team on this issue and after few follow-ups, they sent a technician who checked and confirmed the switch is fine and it is a known SW bug. He also mentioned there is an OTA update expected in the last week of Jan that should fix. Nothing so far!


How do the turning Indicators work? Sometimes they auto-off and sometimes they don’t. Does anyone else have the same issue?

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Same !!! They turn off sometimes when I brake before turning as well.