If You can't maintain Group or Respond us , Just Leave We Take Care Sir

This Forum Post is to tell the Community , That Mr.Rahul @Rahul from Chennai taking care of Coimbatore Whatsapp Group

He wont share Group links , If We ask too add any Number - He show lethargicness on Replies. Then Why are you taking care of things You cant reply Properly Man ??

We are there to Take Care of Our Own Place. If You cant reply us Properly Please Leave us to take Care

(Why are you guys flagging it as inappropriate , I am not asking anything wrong - Answer Properly :woozy_face:)

Edit : @raghav.srinivasan Bro Nothing Personal here , We are asking what we want. If He wants to take control over then whats the Purpose of having a Group :thinking:

RP is not Support us to form a Group and He also seems to play with the RP :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:

How come its irrelevant to the forum. Nothing Personal Attack here :face_with_spiral_eyes:

God knows what :smirk:

Disappointed :smiling_face_with_tear:

Final Edit :point_left:

Yeah i agree , Its outside of Forum topic. Still I address everyone that something like this is Happening.

Those who question him , He just blocks and move on. Not only me complaining this I can tell customers who are all compalining.

Kindly ask him to change this kind of behaviour. Also We heard from


Truth always Hurts :woozy_face:

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There’s no use of hiding these kind of things from the community…Everybody in this forum needs to know about people…Just making 2 good posts and getting likes doesn’t mean that they are responsible… Dear Community head why do you promote these kind of people to elder status??..An elder is someone who take cares and makes wise decisions not the one who avoids people thinking that it is the best way to get rid of people :expressionless:…If you flag this message I’ll post it once again…


(post deleted by author)

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Yeah Buddy , People wants Happy Lies than a Bitter Truth

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This topic is irrelevant to the Ather forum. Please do not make personal attacks on individuals here. Be respectful to other forum members.

Further infraction will result in suspension or bans.

Edit: Whatever concerns being expressed are not in purview or scope of this forum. The issue is about a WhatsApp group that is outside this forum. Please address concerns in the group or 1x1 instead of posting on the forum.