Idle power consumtion

Good, then it’s just not me. They should have mentioned this optimisation in the change log.

Yeah, I feel the lag as well, but it’s not that noticeable for me. At least a good step in right direction from Ather :slight_smile:

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I tried raising this point many times when I was new, with people mostly just brushing it off as 'normal idle drain yaar’.

My doubt has always been that they maybe implementing some form of crypto mining or processor idle time sharing/outsourcing.

Ather has also not been very transparent about how user data is used. So all we can really do is speculate.

There’s simply no way that base telephony processes can use that much power.

If it’s none of these things the only the possibility is that battery is bery bad at retaining charge when connected that or some component in the scooters electronics is just drawing power needlessly.

Edit: i took to shutting down almost every night on account of the drain. so haven’t really notice the change after new updates


5 posts were split to a new topic: High battery drain when idle

I replied to few people here explaining the abnormal idle time loss which im facing with my 450 plus. It was moved to a different place (high battery drain when idle). When I tried to click that, it says the content is private.

I’m not sure what is actually going on and what they are trying to dodge/hide.

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I had charged to 100% and done a shutdown. After 4 days the charge had dropped to 80%. I tried it again on last night and this morning it was at 97%. This drop is the same as not doing a shutdown. Have dropped the bike at the SC to check. Another thing I noticed was after riding for 6 Km in Warp mode the bike suddenly went into limp mode.


I observed this too. And i have a brand new 450x (15 days old ). Shutdown & incognito does not help either.


I just clicked on it, it’s still open.

I think maybe that section is only accessible for higher trust level members??

Probably their way of hiding negative posts from new buyers…

Try clicking on it again after being active in forum for few days

I * used to read topics on daily basis (i post occassionally). I’m an active user. I think few topics are hidden from 450 plus users. Heard the same from other * users as well *

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It’s a permissions issue for every 450 Plus owner. We can’t access a lot of posts, and we can’t reply to any Feature Requests or even make a new topic.

I raised this issue a long time ago but like usual, @moderators don’t seem to care.

Can someone who has access to the topic, update here on what’s happening? The drain is quite crazy. My bike loses around 6-8% a day when idle.

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Nothing new is happening in the thread. From the past update members are seeing just 1-2% drain per day.

Yours look off, i would suggest to get it checked from SC.

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As a new Ather owner, the idle battery drain is one of the most unexpected aspects to me. What is the scooter doing to use up 2-3% each night?

I understand that there are electronics to be powered, but does it really have to use as much power as it takes to ride 2-3 kms?

Are there any other EV (scooter/car) owners who can confirm if other brands have the same amount of idle drain?

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Yes. Ather idle drain through out the night is a average 2-3%. It uses sync the app. And sends position of the scooter to the server every hour. If you don’t need these, I would suggest to shut down the scooter in the night to save battery life.

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I agree this should be informed by the SC while purchasing the vehicle. 4% to 6% battery drain every 24 hrs is normal.

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Also I’d rather the scooter drop 4% overnight and let me know, than to stay higher and drop quickly when riding as it calibrates how much it actually has

It’s good the battery stats more synced than the clock :stuck_out_tongue: sometimes I start up scooter after a while to see the time is 1hr or more behind, confuses me a lot!