I have subscribed to Ather One. How do I get reimbursed for charging? Will I be paid monthly?

Electricity consumption is reimbursed every quarter (3 months), not monthly.

Whatever is the units you have consumed in 450, it is recorded by the scooter (Only for Home Charging). It is irrespective of whether your 450 is charged by POD/DOT or Portable charger.

You’ll be reimbursed at ₹6.50 per unit and the amount will be credited to your bank account that you’ve registered with Ather

NOTE: If you have allowed someone else’s 450 to charge using your Home POD/DOT, or Portable charger, this usage will NOT BE reimbursed to you as the charging consumption is calculated at the recipient.

In Chennai, the reimbursement amount would be Rs. 4.6/unit based on the tariff slab by TNEB.

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