I got smoked by an NTorq 💨

Engineered ground-up with a singular focus on performance, the Ather 450X is a sheer joy to ride. Out accelerate everyone with a twist on the throttle, cruise at top speeds and criss-cross across the city on a single charge

Well, I think the website says different.

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It’s indeed engineered from ground up and is a sheer joy to ride.

We can for sure out “accelerate” everyone with a twist on the throttle.

We definitely can cruise at top speeds (80kmph) and criss-cross "across the city"

What’s different?? Nowhere is it mentioned or marketed or advertised that it can hit or cross 100kmph or that it’s a highway rider. If that was the expectation this is just not the vehicle for such expectations.

Of course it would’ve been wonderful if it could hit triple digit speeds. I’d have loved it on my NICE road rides in Bengaluru. That aside, one must know what are their strengths and limitations or that of their vehicle’s. Even after knowing it, if one tries to compete, they’ll just become a laughing stock.


Sir, I’m juat trying to point out that ather says you can cruise at top speeds I consider top speed 90 (because that’s the max the display can show) . I’m happy with that at the moment. I’m not asking them to increase the speed to triple digits (I wouldn’t say no if they do it) . I’m just saying we’re not getting even that 90 nowadays. Warp mode struggles to reach there. It takes so long that I pity the vehicle and just stop trying.


I don’t know why others can’t understand this, your point is so simple, you u are not getting what was promised or given earlier due to their bugs in the OTA update…as simple as that!


The premise of this thread is that Prateek was outrun by a Ntorq doing 90+ kmph. However, Ather has an advertised top speed of only 80kmph.

450x and even the 450 are quickest of the starting line, but definitely not the fastest!.


I assume you mean that they have the highest initial torque by this statement. Which is no longer true as of the latest update. The torque is very sluggish.

Sir. This additional data is also in the post and hence must be considered.

Please do consider that he has spoken about the warp mode as well. There are many reasons as to why he was outrun. Yes plain speed is one, but the fact is, the best chance of beating the Ntorq, the warp mode was useless in this encounter. This is what I’m trying to say.

Anyway, I value your input and will not comment on this matter further.


I wanted to put in perspective the original post from Prateek since the discussion seems to have gone on a tangent. There are 2 parts to this

1 - Reduced torque in the WARP mode As far as warp mode pick up is concerned, Abhishek has already clarified that they will pick up some vehicles post lockdown to validate the torque output.

2 - Prateek being outrun by a NTorq

Prateek beat the NTorq at the signal and switched to a cruise mode. So, the question of who was fastest off the line is answered.

So the NTorq catches upto him at 70kmph. The motor isn’t going to throw out that same kind of torque you get at 0kmph or at 20kmph, because the 450x has a top speed of only 80kmph!.

I am not trying to rain on the parade here, but just wanted to point out that this wasn’t about an NTorq beating the 450x at a 100m/200m drag but its more about an NTorq being able to catch up, overtake and drive faster than the 450x because its got a higher top speed!

Just a small correction here, I never mentioned my cruise speed was 70kmph. My actual speed was approximately 35-40kmph. So one does expect the Warp or the Sports mode to do its bit. Sadly, it didn’t and Ntorq guy was still able to beat the Ather in pick up.

Hope that clears some misunderstanding here.

But here is the thing, this is not the first time I have had a drag with other petrol scooties. Since this 10.0.1 update, it is clear that the torque levels have been going up and down. Lets for example take the very recent one part of the Early Access. The performance of all modes have gone from sluggish to extremely sluggish.

That again comes down inconsistent performance with every update. We are talking about inconsistencies here and not touching triple digits.

Having triple digits is a request as I mentioned and not something that I expected the Athers to have from factory at present.

And, thank you for that detailed analysis of my original post. Respect your views there.


My bad then. Since you had mentioned the NTorq caught up side by side and he was doing 70, I assumed you are also at the same speed.

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Jeeezzz!! Typo error buddy. My bad again. I was doing approx 40 kmph. Will make the correction.

But how about eloctroquting a brand new bullet??:zap::zap::zap:had a long race vs. a brand new bullet on the road , was a tough one tbh , adrenaline levels were on the :top:but zooomed right past him at the end ,showed him who’s the real musle :zap: or :fuelpump:

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Would definitely like to try that post performance issues resolution. Getting a feeling now that it’s only mine that has issues :joy:

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I keep reading more of comments on Speed. 80 - 90 KMPH, and the technology, in terms of drive train is good. Once the vehicle is configured / tuned for ROAD WORTHINESS and sold, it should not be tampered in the form of OTA updations. Its like treating them like GUINEA PIGS for further R&D at Ather, at the vehicle owner’s cost. I feel its not right. But more important is the convenience in terms of range. Ather should have had Swappable batteries( replace to fully charged batteries on the go). Swappable batteries could facilitate intercity rides and could be a better answer for gaining numbers.


Swappable batteries make no sense… the world is battery constrained. The range is enough. They advertise 85kms, but we can squeeze around 95kms and that too by not stupidly sacrificing decent speeds. Here are my stats:

With Ather charging grid, the range gets even better. No one in the competition can beat that. Ather just has to focus a lill more on the software experience and they will be years ahead of the competition.