How is the battery of the Ather 450X different from that of Ather 450?

For starters, the battery capacity of Ather 450X (installed - 2.9 kWh and usable - 2.6 kWh) is 7-8% higher than that of Ather 450. The battery of Ather 450X has a new and more efficient battery management system (BMS), and is tuned to enable the vehicle to have a higher range and performance compared to Ather 450. The BMS also allows a 45% speedier charging rate compared to Ather 450 at Ather Grid, Ather’s fast charging public network. The BMS significantly increases standby time (which means it takes a longer time for it to drain while not in use). Also, the battery of Ather 450X uses 21700 type Li-ion cells compared to the 18650 type Li-ion cells used in Ather 450.