Horrible website for purchasing 450 Plus. Is it worth buying?

For a company that doesn’t give a phone number to its showroom and forces you to interact online, Ather should really put more effort into its website customer experience. Quite horrible currently.

The website has stale details that Ather 450 Plus isn’t available for purchase. The customer care folks told us to pre-order Ather 450X (saying that pre-order is same for all vehicles). The form though clearly states that it is a preorder for Ather 450X.

Even after you preorder, the ‘My Orders’ section says ‘We will open the full payment window of your order closer to the start of sales in your city.’ Sales have started long back in Bangalore - so no idea what this means.

Given that we can only go to Ather for any issues with bike, this service is really concerning. How is the post sales experience of people?

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Hey @nikki.kanak90, welcome to the community!

The 450 Plus is definitely available for purchase. Can you let me know where you saw info that it’s not? Will flag it to the team to fix.

The pre-order is the same, you can select 450X when pre-ordering. Once you pre-order, we open up payment windows in batches as and when we get stock from the factory. Yours should open up in a day or two! :slight_smile:

Adding some screenshots of the order flow where you’d be able to select the 450 Plus or the 450X and pick from 3 different colors. This flow would be visible to you once your payment window gets opened in a day or two.


Previously Ather 450X has two varients and they are named as follows 1. Ather 450X “Plus”, 2. ATHER 450X “Pro”

This is the reason why it shows pre-order for 450X and no seperate pre-order for 450 plus

To avoid confusion name was simplified to Ather 450 Plus and Ather 450X respectively.

Pre order available in website is to buy any Ather Vehicle currently available Ather 450X or 450 Plus (as pre orders for Ather 450 is no longer available)