Honest review after 10months

Ather 450X Gen 3 Gen 3 was launched July 2022 and I have purchased it on October 2022 when there was no offer or discount running at the time of my purchase and I have paid 1.68L for 450X with charger. Vehicle was delivered to me with Old Ather Dashboard UI with simple maps and was quite happy driving my new 450X , then comes December 2022 and January 2023 offers with 3 years extra battery warranty and some dealerships even offering all the accessories within the total amount 1.68L which made me feel bad but then the community day 2023 comes up , a huge event where new UI and alot of new features where released some and some to come over the time with OTA updates with exciting new colors,

Premium riding experience and instant torque that gives adrenaline rush to the rider :smile: in my riding experience in the last 10 Months I saw i get 100+kms range solo rider in sports mode (it may vary user to user) , Ather is good for city and no one can beat that instant torque generated from it (in seriously mean it coz I have other 2W EV as well in my friends group) , only where my friends EV takes my over is in highway where his scooter got more top speed than mines,

As a owner of 450X Gen 3 who purchased it in mid 2022 or before , for us while purchasing we were not promised New UI or Autohold or new maps , so when they came , it was a surprise upgrade for us and all the features that came to me were useful except the New Maps which still needs tuning and I hope it will be over the time,

Now as Ather announced New 450s line up and new 450X upgrade switchgear model, it makes my 10months old scooter outdated and some what backward compatibility was expected , New features like ESS , Fall safe , Costing Regen , Out of which only Fall safe is promised tobe backward compatible and I don’t know why the ESS is not compatible when it’s just a lighting feature . After all it’s a Business and i understand if everything seems backward compatible then how come new model is different from old , soo we need to digest it :slightly_smiling_face:

Now coming to all the old owners who were billed 50000 rupees as accesories amount which includes the charger price , I don’t know how they gonna release refund for us and how much it will be but still all the new or recent owners seems to be getting the refund forms atleast even if they didn’t get the actual refund amount in their bank accounts .

Every EV 2 wheeler in the market is different from the other and serve their purpose as per the personal opinion of the buyer but their are companies who over promised and failed in both hardware and software wise where Ather stood and fulfilled every riders needs but the points comes here we paid 1.68L for a premium scooter with premium ride experience and it’s Athers responsibility to look after their all customers and serve them whenever their is a concern ,

A failed 2W EV company which faced many backlashes from its customers is now raising in a positive way and over delivering it , I hope Ather solves all the issues that were faced recently by its customers regarding the broken Transmission Belt and other issues and come up with solution and they need to maintain stock of every spare that their scooter needs in there service centers,

Overall Ather offers a premium riding experience and hope they rise in positive way and make their existing customers happy so that they now can recommend it to others as well ,

I was closely monitoring EV 2W sales in India from last 1 year and I see Ather is sticking to no 3 spot and a Newbie came in recently and took the 2nd spot and 1st spot looks unbeatable from last 1 year,

Ather seriously needs some strategy to make their existing customers happy and also need to improve their sales lineup ,

I hope to see Ather taking that 1st spot in the future :v:

Below attached a screenshot of my recent ride that i have taken with 100% battery and covered 80+kms and still was left with 30+ percent of charge


Mate you have only paid 1,68,000 you might also get some charger refund in next few months as per government order. What about us? We have paid 1,89,000 and there is no charger refund for us. Friends who suggested us the scooter showed us clips from YouTube where tarun said they will give out updates if they find a way to increase power or get extra juice from battery over OTA. Then comes community day where Cruise Control and regen is promised. I understand why Gen 2 users never got Hill Hold as it was an hardware thing. But we Gen 3 users have the hardware required for Cruise Control, Coasting Regen & Emergency Braking Light.

Another mistake from the company is not stopping the sales of current gen before releasing Gen 4. I purchased it last week there was no information of things that will not come to Gen 3. It was after 17th the dealership said Regen and Emergency braking indicator won’t make it to Gen 3 by that time billing was already done.


This is what is totally wrong I agree with in this matter , as I said , i was not promised anything and I got alot more than expected soo for my case it’s good but people purchased after watching January community day event , for them it’s totally wrong and I even heard experience center people were selling promising OTA updates for the announced features and i think company just can’t say government regulations terms are stopping them and ignore the buyers , That’s what I mentioned above , Ather was a company were we use to recommend this scooter to everyone and now even if someone ask me , I might give it a second choice people recommending people …

As for charger refund , I don’t know when it’s gonna come and how much it’s gonna be ,I was not given any invoice mentioning charger amount and they may use this loop hole to escape ,

Opinion may vary person to person and I shared my 10 months of ownership review , what I liked and what I didn’t


Hello friends Today, My Ather completed 26.636 km a year Purchasing date 22 Sept 2022 Kindly read this article very carefully for money-saving purposes or a longer Ather life, you can save more than Rs5,000 /- or service Time also 1st buying experience - very bad 2nd service experience - Patparganj New Delhi Ather very good :+1: 3rd list of parts that you should change 1- brake pads Don’t buy the Ather company disc pads their quality is very bad or very expensive Ather disc pads You can buy Hero Glamour FI edition Front Rs 440/- Pulsar NS200 Rear Rs260 /- Or pulsar 180cc Note:- buy original parts from an authorized service center only Hero or Bajaj or you change both disc pads near a good mechanic for just Rs100/- Every 10,000 km you should change Total cost of replacement Rs 800/- Changing time intervals every 10,000 km does not need to go service center 2- changed my MRF zapper rear tyre at 26,000 km Now, I am using Michelin City Pro ( incredible experience with Michelin ) Note:- for a tyre change, Not need to go to the service center Michelin Tire Shop can also change free of cost or nearby good mechanic :mechanic: takes Rs 200 /- not needed to go to Ather service center because they will cost you Rs 350 /-
3- don’t buy Ather Connect plans Overall it’s a waste of money :dollar: 4 - you should buy a service plan with only basic not pro It, 's value for money because service charges are much higher Or you can get parts benefits like a one-time belt change, disc pad change, or free labor cost for running repair Note:- kindly remember Take Ather service in every 10,000 km, not 5,000 km ( save money or time ) 5- belt change at 25,000 km Note:- for longer belt life don,t use it forcefully throttle 6 - points you should be checked or replaced in every 10,000 km service A- degradation of Ather battery status B- belt adjustment C- handle stability ( wheel bearing or steering bearing ) D- software upgrades E- brake control/oil changes F- swing arm bushes/front fork seal 7 - use a portable charger as much as possible

Overall conclusion is Beware of frauds regarding the disc pad replacement/labor cost / every 5,000 km service etc Avoid unnecessary charges or save your money or time Thanks My next target is to achieve 50,000 km in 2nd year of purchasing before 22 Sept 2024 Let’s check Ather’s full-capacity battery life as Ather promises on their website

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