High beam angle & warm LED Headlamps

Currently, the high beam of the 450x is set in such a way that the light beam shoots out above the road, and does not provide enough illumination towards the farther end of the road. What I suggest is that the Output of the Highbeam is increased by a bit more wrt the low beam than it is currently; And position the light throw a bit down onto the road. I guess this is not something that’s easily implementable in the current models. But for future models, I request the R&D peeps @ Ather to please give this a serious thought.

Secondly, I am one among many people out there who prefer the old warm color for vehicle headlights. So, if Ather could provide compatible warm LEDs as an OEM spare part @ the showrooms, it’d be great. Just for reference, white headlights are banned in France :stuck_out_tongue:

PS: It is very probable that I faced difficulties with the high beam & the white light, only because I ride around in a rural/semi-urban, slightly hilly environment. The inadequately illuminated roads that are filled with potholes, and a terrain that frequently goes up and down, is slightly difficult to ride through on the Ather, compared to other conventional scooters.

  • Let customer choose between warm/white LEDs while purchasing scooter.
  • Have warm LEDs as an OEM spare part.
  • Not ok Boomer. Reject Tradition. Embrace Modernity.

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