Hero versus Hero - Implications for Ather?

Anyone following the news these days is surely aware of the Hero MotoCorp versus Hero Electric tussle going on for a while now, and of the recent ruling confirming that Pawan Munjal and Co. can no longer use ‘Hero’ brand name for their EV 2 wheelers anymore.

With this, and in light of Hero Electric’s aggressive EV plans for the coming years (not to mention its tie-up with Gogoro), wondering if Hero MotoCorp might now start making a push to openly associate the Ather brand with Hero, so that Hero MotoCorp can still stay in the game!

Also wondering if the Ather brand being brought under the Hero MotoCorp umbrella is a good thing for EV enthusiasts in India - the owners will surely get the many benefits and stability of the coverage of a mega corporation… But is there a flipside too?

P.S.: For the uninitiated, Hero MotoCorp is an investor in Ather for a while now.


This will be interesting to follow. I have some times felt that way as well. Hero buying out Ather & more stupid engineers & uncles been on boarded, thereby spoiling the whole exciting image of Ather. They might just stop developing the software further and focus on low sub standard, high volume 2W. Please tell me its just a nightmare & it has nothing to do with the reality. Love Ather & want it to stay independent. :heart::blush:


Agreed! Would love to have an official statement from Ather on this, like the last time this possibility came up, if possible sometime soon. That will give us all some solace I’m sure :slight_smile:

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I actually thought Hero Electric was a subsidiary! Oh what a mess this is gonna be.

From one year ago :slight_smile:


This was the exact thing Hero was also not sure about :joy: Naveen Munjal took Pawan and Hero MotoCorp to court because he owned the right to the name “Hero Electric” and therefore Hero MotoCorp producing EVs can’t be bracketed under Hero Electric name. Now the court also has confirmed the same. So yeah, it’s gonna be fun to watch what happens now!

Yes yes, precisely why I said I hope they clarify like last time. Considering the many new developments on this front since then, wondering if Ather is thinking any different now :wink: