Haven't Received my booking Confirmation email

I booked the Ather 450x at around 7:30 in the evening, paid the 2.5k, and then the page told me that I would get a confirmation email, it’s been about an hour and I still haven’t received anything. Will I get the booking confirmation during office working hours?


Write to info@atherenergy.com and they’ll give you one. Btw, have you checked spam?


Forget online status, visit your nearest Ather showroom and get other formalities done.

Online is not reliable and many times the showroom people are unware that you actually had any booking. They ask your order id and get the online booking transfer to their showroom for further process.


Yeah thank you, i went to the showroom and got it done, its under my orders now.

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Yeah i did, but turns out it was some glitch but now everything is fine. Thank you for all the help!


Thanks for this, wasn’t aware about it.

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