Gujarat EV policy 2021

Looks like Gujarat is planning to announce state subsidies for EVs and more! :tada:

We’re still waiting for an official policy document on this to dive deeper, creating this thread to keep track of updates.


Waiting for official news from Ather. Already booked it just 2 hours ago :wink:


That’s some subsidy!!! This is like “Buy Nexon and get 450X free”


Hemanth it’ll be great if our state govt takes some inspiration from Delhi, Gujarat and Maharashtra and gives similar schemes I assure u after that Bangalore will turn electric very very soon,they have charging infrastructure and a lot of options from diff manufacturers,just some charging infra on the highways leaving Bangalore will do and with the extra subsidy and 100+ fuel cost ppl will definitely move towards electric #statesubsidyneededinkar

Two wheeler costs Rs. 1.50 lakh, three wheeler priced at Rs. 5 lakh and a four wheeler costs Rs. Up to 15 lakhs only. If the value of the vehicle exceeds this amount, no subsidy will be given.

Ather 450 Plus Ex showroom price (Excluding FAME II incentive)


Is Ather is eligible for it ?

I think no… what you say ?

It definitely is eligible. These are the same conditions for FAMEII eligibility and 450x is eligible for that. That’s why it’ll be eligible for this subsidy too. A lot of things have been written on how it’s eligible, why it’s priced the way it is. A simple search on the Forum will give you all the details.

What I don’t like about this scheme is that money will be transferred to the buyer via DBT. It means the buyer must first pay and then get the subsidy back from the Government. MH has a similar subsidy scheme of 5k or so, and getting that has not been really easy. I hope it’ll be easy in GJ. Anyway It’d have been better if this subsidy was like the FAMEII subsidy where the Government pays the Manufacturer and the buyer pays only the remaining amount.


Please read this

After No Registration fee Ather 450plus cost will be 144,905-11296 = 1,33,609

If Ather 450plus eligible for GJ GOV subsidy than 1,33,609-20,000 = 1,13,609 is that ?

Spot on! Yes around 1.13 lakhs

How is Ather eligible for both the subsidies? they claim 1.71lac ex-showroom without performance upgrade right? How are they able to fit in the below 1.5 lakh category @abhishek.balaji

There has been enough discussion about this. Ather has structured costs to fit in that limit. How they do it is up to them.

Can you let me know how are they trying to fit it in or just leave a link where the discussions happened?

If you just use search feature, you’d get it. Among multiple posts by multiple members explaining how it is eligible, Here is a link to a post of mine.

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Thanks Hemant for clear my confusion. Now I am going to buy Ather 450+ .

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So, basically only Karnataka is left out now? :man_facepalming: GOD! Why can’t they learn?

It will be great if the kar govt does something in this regard!!

Karnataka is not left out…in fact Karnataka was one of the first to remove Road taxes for BEVs (since 2016 I guess). Recently there were some amendments that increased subsidies…but it is for industry and not for end customers


Do we know specific date for the more information? I mean after which date this policy will be treat as official for Ather? I have already booked it but now waiting for official announcement to see if that will impact or no.

May be after 1st July

Reveived mail from Ather “announced a new electric vehicle policy for Gujarat effective from July 1st, 2021. The revised incentives mean an Ather Scooter is now ₹34,500 lesser than before, and the effective ex-showroom price of the Ather 450 Plus in Ahmedabad drops from ₹1.42L to ₹1.07L. …”

what about RTO registration is it free ? on road price for Ahmedabad ?

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WOW!. This is a good ₹10k lesser than what the 450 sold for! This is an amazing deal. Anyone looking for a new scooter in Gujarat should blindly get the 450+

The battery capacity was better on the 450. It had a 2.4kwh battery compared to 2.23kwh battery on 450+ But there are uogardes on the display os and in the cells used and both the scooters are a steal deal over there!!

I think you have to pay around 5-6k extra for insurance and some other taxes or rto