Gen 1 App Notifications Discontinued?

I raised a ticket that I haven’t received any useful Notifications from the scooter (eg - 100% charged, vehicle moved etc) for several months now on my Gen1 scooter.

The support team says you’ve discontinued notifications for Gen 1 and 1.5! Hold the phone! When did that happen and when were we informed??

It’s quite disappointing if Ather is actually rolling back already very limited app features available to us, someone from the team please clarify.


great, features to deleted in near “smart” scooters, further updates are, no Maps, no screen, no touch, no charging, and no scooter to turn on.

PS: I do most of the time receive scooter movement notification, but never received the 100% charge notification.


@abhishek.balaji and team, could we get a response here please? Why weren’t we informed and why are we going backwards? There isn’t even an indication that these basic features will be restored.

“maybe in the future we’ll look into this”?? Thats magnanimous of Ather!:roll_eyes:


This is really sad to see


I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. The templates that the CS at Ather uses for email responses really need a revamp. Half their messages sound curt, and the other half sound passive aggressive.

For starters, in the messages where they share bad new, they should get rid of sign offs like ‘have a good day’ and ‘thank you’ right after they refuse to entertain a request… :man_shrugging:


Removing features is NOT GOOD…! Duh…! I understand if a new feature won’t support an older bike, but removing features…? Noo