Future Ideas Of EV 2 Wheelers

People prefer cars that meet their needs, for example, Tata focuses on safety and features in their EVs.

Similarly, electric two-wheeler manufacturers should consider making multifunctional vehicles. Customers desire the ability to perform various tasks like grocery shopping or using food delivery services like Zomato and Swiggy. Affordable price of the scooter is also a major concern for Indian Middle Class People, yes battery are costly but the technology is almost 10 to 15 years old. Technological advancements are needed in batteries, should focus on research and development.

Electric vehicles offer unique features like GPS that traditional petrol vehicles don’t have. Companies should give customer-demanded features, there should be Ola’s feature of setting specific radius limits, activating sport mode for new rider, and other features that Ev company provide. Providing these features allows customers to maximize the potential of their EVs.

Accessibility to services is essential, because normal garage expert cannot do service of Ev vehicles only can change the Tyres of vehicle. If they fix this issue then users who live in rural areas where service centers are not close to there location can do service of their Ev easily. Ather should consider these factors when launching new models, like Ather Rizta, to meet the preferences and needs of the public.


Right to Repair.

Manufacturers should provide access to manuals and spares so that 3rd party service providers can perform out of warranty servicing.


A basic block and wiring diagram should atleast be provided.


No. That will create loose ends and create duplicate products or give the competition a better sense . Which will flood the market and create a damaging reputation for the company. That will also lead to bypassing safety measures.

Right now what we need is Specs for repairing the scooter. Atleast mechanically. For instance you need to replace your brake pads. There is no guidebook. To replace a belt. Yup again no proper guildlines. What torque is requires for the axial Bolt ?

These should be done before going all electronics.


I disagree, block diagram of a vehicle means service diagram including all part labels with method on how to replace and in case of ev you specially would like to have the wiring diagram in hand.

Brands like Harley-Davidson have dedicated website where you can enter your VIN and get all these for free and in a quality that you could printout posters of it.

Duplicate products are available from day 1 for anything being sold in the market, it is upto user to decide to differentiate good from bad.

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Ather has simple plug-and-play connectors. Just like assembling a PC these modules like VCU, Display or even the motor controller can be replaced after shutting the scooter down. But they will not sell you anything related to electronics in the scooter. not even a horn.

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So imagine you are changing the horn (well you have already done that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:), and by mistake bump into some other connector and it breaks, now you can buy electronic connectors from hobbyist stores but without wiring diagram how will you know what connects where.


i think you are yet to open your Ather, there are connectors which are not available in India. yes. i searched them through out the metropolitan city of Chennai.

And if you do bump up any kind of connector unlike a normal ICE bike or scooter which can be replaced just by swapping it or connecting the wires together. Ather has over engineered it. even the point that resistance changes which is really odd.

So my idea is break a connector get ready to sacrifice the yearly savings to Ather.


yeah, I don’t have enough will power to take a screwdriver and go ham on it. It is my only commute vehicle and truthfully even if I open it up I don’t have any knowledge in regards to how ICE of ev vehicles work and it will take atleast a couple days for me to comprehend what it is.


You don’t want to touch the wiring diagrams. Leave that to the experts. Basic things like replacing plug n play components and specs of these components is sufficient.

If it’s not available in Ritchie street, safe to say it’s not available anywhere.

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I ain’t touching anything but experts also need to have these to do anything.


Yes I found out that Ather using using Mt Series Connector 2 which they use to extract battery data it is not easy to find Mt Series to Usb so that we also can get the Battery Health.