Fun with ChatGPT

This morning when I was reading the Ride Statistics email and I wanted to know how much electricity is consumed per 0 - 100%. As per the Ride Statistics I have driven 586 Kilometers while consuming 22 units of electricity. I wanted to know how much electricity is consumed for one full charge. Being lazy to do the calculation myself :stuck_out_tongue: , I turned to ChatGPT and surprisingly the server was available (For the past 2 days it kept giving me servers are busy message).

Since 450X has a bigger battery, the units consumed is more? FYI my average efficiency as per the email is 28 Wh/Km.

ChatGPT - Range Test

Since the server was free, I decided to test the AI model to see how much it knows about an Indian EV brand and I was really surprised on how much it knows and I felt it is worth sharing it here in the forum.

I believe the model’s cutoff data was only until 2021 and some of the answers where limited with information that happened only until 2021. Take a look at the screenshots.


It even knows, Ather has a mobile app which we can raise a service request. :hushed:


It even knew about the subsidy in India and the EV’s dependent on it.


Surprisingly OLA is not even in the competitors list. Possibily because of the model’s cut off at 2021. ChatGPT14







Now comes the Tesla vs Ather comparison. Because why not? :grin:




Overall, I must say I was surprised on the responses and how it relates different data points to the particular context.

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@switchtoshankar Hey… You literally WARPED into the advanced mode😀 :+1:your observations are very interesting… Thanks for posting…

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I have been thinking about this too :rofl::+1:t2:

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Glad you enjoyed the post. :innocent:

That’s amazing!! You did a great job

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