Full face helmet friendly prescription riding glasses

I have been wearing prescription eye glasses forever now. Was wondering if there are suggestions around spectacle frames and prescription eyeglasses that are specially designed for / suitable for riders with full-face helmets.

I often tend to bend my frame or drop the frame while handling the helmet, so looking at a better option.

Cheers, Shishir


I’ve been using Steelbird S1 with glasses. While wearing/removing the helmet, I have to remove the glasses but it fits well while I ride.


What’s the spectacle frame model that you use?

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I got it from a local shop. Don’t know the brand. Neither the spec has the brand mentioned. Will ask the shop guys and let you know once I get a chance. Edit: My glass is of style brand as suggested by the shop. But not sure if he put in some effort in telling :joy: It has a square ( chouraha) shaped logo with straight lines.

It’s black and red for Series 1 :joy::sunglasses:


I have two pairs of glasses. One is the hard PC frame and I don’t wear this whenever I have to ride because it is not flexible and can break. I always take the other one whenever I have to ride. It is a flexible plastic material (Vincent Chase VC007 C20). This was purchased on Lenskart.

I prefer Flexible lightweight frames Whenever I’ve to wear a helmet


Yes vincent chase or lenskart light based on power is better I use vincent chase, it is comfortable and light weight