Free charging @ather grid till December 21

If Ather gets 200 retweets then they will extend free charging till 31st dec 21


Already crossed 200 RT


My recent exp with Ather grid…

It was a Sunday and my trip was little long around the city.

When I reached my first charging stop for a top up for 10-15 kms. There was already a 450x charging with 76kms range in eco mode.

As the owner was not around, so that I can ask him and charge my bike. I removed the plug and started to charge my bike.

Soon within few mins the other Ather owner came and started arguing with me…

I am a person who don’t argue with angry sounding person at all… so I let him charge and waited for him to finish till his satisfaction.

I humbly request Ather team to start charging for at least after some units or come with a billing mechanism to avoid this type of situation how I was on Sunday.


I feel the same, high time for Ather to make charging paid. Though the person charging before you may have a need for 100% battery to reach his destination.

Just curious, how were you able to unplug the charger without key? The charger dosent unlock without key below 100% charge.

Charging outlets should be increased, system should be upgraded ( scooter and charging outlet) what I mean is like petrol bunks if you want petrol worth 100₹ the machine stops and you can remove the poring gun Like wise for EV you should incorporate similar systems. Fix no of KM and it’s proportionate amount , once a user fills in the amount via any payment mode post charging the plug at the scooter should disengage so that the next person in the queue can charge his vehicle even if that owner is not at the spot


He Left without charging it to 100%.

When i pulled the plug it came out smoothly. So, I started to charge my bike for 15 mins and return back to his bike when i leave.

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Free charging is now extended till 30th June 2022.


I have not using free charging. Because my place Calicut Cherooty road, we have two Ather grid charger here. unfortunately both are dead all time, I already complaint the showroom guy no response. Then please tell me how to I using the free charging facilities.


Please raise a ticket via the app so that the team can take action.

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