Forum bugs

I have observed forum versions being upgraded and downgraded recently, we can expect better forum with more options. but i wanted to raise this issue. I am not getting reply option in few forum threads. Tried desktop and mobile sites. Have confirmed with Moderator if any restrictions placed for my account. But there are no restrictions. Fix these bugs. Thanks

Screenshot without logging in

It may be because of city restrictions. Even I face this in some threads.

Should be fixed, check again?

Thanks :+1: its fixed now

Cannot upload media to forum post past today’s Android update to ather application. Could be a bug to be addressed, as its painful to always do login from mobile browser.

Clicking on upload and Choose from files from device does nothing which was working in previous version of app.

Also, the back and forward buttons have gone missing from the bottom. And when you open an external site link. There’s no way to go back other than to clear the app frok recent and relaunch it. @abhishek.balaji please look into this too! TIA


Issue no. 1

I think there is some issues with my forum account. In This post, few users have liked the post. But i don’t have an option to like the first post. Is it me or any other users facing the same.

Issue no. 2

I am not getting some promotional emails from ather not there in spam also (i am subscribed to ather newsletter and i haven’t unsubscribed to any emails) even if these emails are to specific users or to all owners in general. I have an active 450x pre order and i should be knowing about this offer and extension of plan details screenshots of some general emails other owners received. Raised with CC. They said everything is good.

Issue no. 3

From ather app i am not able to upload images. I have to use mobile browser to continue this draft and upload images.

Issue no. 4

How to avoid forum emails getting into spam. I have done “report not as spam” And added the email id to my contacts list. No use even then any other tips

From what I understand, you can’t ‘Like’ opening posts for voting threads. I think the logic behind it is if you agree with the OP, you will ‘Vote’ for it instead of liking it.

Is your account linked to a Yahoo ID by any chance? I used to face issues where responses from CC would never get delivered (not in spam either). But once I asked them to communicate over my Gmail ID, there was no issue. Somehow some mails from Ather has historically disappeared into thin air for me too. In my case, it was inexplicably linked to some issue with Yahoo blocking Ather emails. Just wondering if that’s the same with you.

Not a solution or idea, but one thing I wanted to share was this peculiar problem I have been facing wherein no matter who responds to my post on the Forum and I get the email alert for it, the contact card that shows up when I hover over the person’s name always shows Abhishek Balaji’s name. Looks like the Gods of the Internet have decided that Ather = Abhishek :stuck_out_tongue:

Are the promotional mails(issue two, screenshot 1) only targeted to the owners? I haven’t got any mail from Ather regarding anything else apart from booking, events and Community Updates.

If ather wants that offer to be more effective they must have sent it to all the people who have registered interest in 450x and people who have pre ordered 450x and didn’t proceed for purchase.

I have an active 450x pre order and they have not sent this mail to me

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Vote is available only for feature request tag. For all other threads. Opening post we can’t like. But few forum users are able to like and i have shared the same in the screenshot.

No mine is linked to Gmail

I get the name of the Person and even your replies went to spam

If i want to send an email to ather i get this name. I think its the first person to respond for my first query. Or when ather used to have like relationship manager etc. I don’t know

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Yes, so do I! If you notice the image I shared, the name appears, but when you hover over the name, in the contact card it shows as Abhishek. Weird :joy:

So yeah, even my hunch is that inboxes tend to latch on to one name (amongst the various names the mails might have come as, earlier) to auto-create the contact card and it sheer luck as to what name it latches on to.

I get Lohith :stuck_out_tongue: i guess Google/Your email provider auto saves a contact on the first interaction, leading to this.

Yes precisely. So for my inbox, you personify Ather!

But on a serious note, is there no way to override this? i.e. can Ather officially create a contact card for inboxes to use? I know this is not something that Ather is supposed to look into, but curious because among the hundreds of customer care emails I have interacted with, the contact card shows the name as Support or Help, unlike with Ather, based on what you saw with HarshaVardhan wherein it somehow pulled the name of the person using the common ID (Souvik) and stuck to it. In other words, is Ather doing something different that is not masking the actual CC rep name when the contact details are broadcast over an email?

Hi. I’ve noticed this bug while on the forum using the ather app. The last two or three posts of some threads I’m visiting get ‘liked’ automatically. Anyone else notice this?

Yesterday I noticed that I don’t know how I liked one of abishek reply then I corrected it

Can you check if it appears here? Profile - maniashwin3003 - Ather Community

:pleading_face: Can you point me to a few posts where it happened?

One of these photos of your reply I think

Yup. Here. I think i ‘unliked’ the others already. But you can see that these are subsequent posts on the thread.

I have a issue when I am reading forum through the Ather app, how do we go back to earlier screen ? If I press back button on my android it exits the app. Even slide gesture doesn’t work. Is there any way or its a bug in the App?