Footmat for ATHER 450X, #diy

Finally I decided to make a footmat for my #ather-450x . Since it is a #faqs:series-1 I chose the black colour. My hunt was rewarded when I found a normal door mat at VISHAL MEGA MART. I paid ₹99/- only and rushed home to try out the simplest way out. After I made a simple template using a newspaper. I marked it on the reverse side of the door mat and cut it out. I flipped the doormat on the footboard of my Ather… And there I have a cost effective solution to #ather-experience of having a footmat.


Umm sorry to say, but the mat is available in bangalore, with a vendor called balaji automobiles. @gbvivek2006

Location -

Balaji Automobiles

098868 36428

Picture - image

Price - 250/- (when i brought it a year ago)

Pros - since its the exact mould of the floor, it doesn’t move or slip at all, certainly the best investment one can make!

But kudos for the DIY way ! :grinning:


@Cloudgraphy You are a lucky guy :grinning:

Down here in Goa things are different… But nonetheless it was fun to make one for just ₹99/- Thanks for sharing the place it can bought in Bangalore.


there Is also one more person named Rahul who supplies mats from Chennai via courier and his mats also are perfect fit and can be delivered to any state… incase you need one

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Haha ! this guy ships as well from b’lore, from what I have heard, along with Rahul from Chennai… these are two vendors who have it readily available

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