Dear Moderators,

Can we have an option where a member of the forum can have a focus list of topics of interest to him or her? The user can add or delete the topics from the focus list as per his or her need at the point of time. For example I as an owner of 450 would be reading more about this model and not about 450X and may not be interested in knowing about the other EVs like Ola, Pure-EV, Ampere etc. At this point of time I am interested in knowing only about the 4G upgradation in 450. Instead of going through all the topics listed in chronology, date wise, it would be be nice to add just the user’s topic of interest to his focus list so that he/she need not waste time. Please think about it.


You can do that already:

Head to your profile β†’ Preferences β†’ Notifications β†’ Categories. Here you can set categories and sub categories as:

  1. watched: Notifies you for all new posts and topics for categories included here
  2. Tracked: Will show a count of new posts for the categories
  3. Muted: No notifications, and wont appear in your categories list or latest page.

In your case, you can add 450X under muted and add the ones you want to keep a track on to tracked/watched


Oh! Thanks a ton.

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