FIRST service after 5000kms

I just wanted to know if the GOA DEALER is equipped to undertake servicing of Ather 450x bikes sold at their dealership. First service is after 5000kms.

  1. Does one require to book an appointment for servcing after completing 5000kms , or the company will send an email to both the local dealer and customer (since ride stats will notify the Ather company)
  2. Does the Goa dealer have enough spares to cater to the proportionate sale done.
  3. What would be the estimate cost, would it be displayed like how the TOYOTA COMPANY shows.Detailed cost of spares and labour Charges
  4. If the dealer is unable to service and deliver the bike by end of day, would the customer gwt a service bike to use.

@tarun @abhishek.balaji


Hey Adrian! Have you reached out to your local dealership with the following questions? I’d suggest you do that, or call up the Ather Customer Support, and they should help you with most queries.

From experience in Mumbai, the dealership did reach out for the periodic service. But its always easy to track it from your dashboard in the Ather account too, when you’re nearing 5k service.


I am shocked to know that the local dealer has no email address registered with Ather COMPANY.

This is so ridiculous, Ather is a bike with touch screen, sends ride stats via email. And the local Ather dealer in Goa cannot be contacted via an email. Will the top officials look into this lapse. @abhishek.balaji


You can reach out to them over email at


This is to bring to your kind notice that the customer SUPPORT,number is invalid… In the Ather App .

I am trying to contact the Goa Dealer to book appointment for servicing


@abhishek.balaji The email helped. I received an email responding to my query. The service incharge was quick to connect and book my service due after 5000kms. Thank you Ather Energy