First Ather Service Camp Experience

Firstly,I was surprised knowing that Ather even does service camp but as soon as I knew there was one near by I paid a visit,wierdly didn’t get an invite unlike other Gen3 owners from same EC.

Upon enquiry it was held for Gen 2 owners over 4k-5k kms for all scooters sold from mumbai.It must be delight for hundreds of athers in Alibag for more than a year without making a 220km round trip.

I even requested to check a loose panel since delivery,turns out I have got a broken Motor vent cover (hopefully that gets replaced under warranty)

He even assisted me on maintenance and lot other info which didn’t get during delivery.Overall a good experience and hope camp happens regularly.


UPDATE : turns out vent cover wasnt broken,I even showed motor vent cover issue to vashi turbhe service center but the they said it cant be helped even after replacing.Today Khar service center held 2nd Service camp here where i showed it again and one technician finally fixed it easily.He fixed couple more scooters with same issue later,quite experienced staff in mumbai.