Features Missing after AtherStack 5 update and other Observations

Ohh!!Shit…Forgot that :face_with_hand_over_mouth::joy:

how does one zoom in or view documents anymore? i tried tapping or pinch zoom in


Two fingers to zoom in or zoom out. After zoom in, cancel option was seen on top right corner earlier

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This is second time the dash has completely bootlooped (standed there for 5 mins) I had to remove charger,manually reboot then turn on the scooter & plug in to continue charging.


Album art while playing music too is missing in this update, it shows the default album art.


Hello everyone, I bought my Ather 450x 3 weeks ago and this is my first post. I need some clarity about the new update, so pls help.

I got my Atherstack 5.0 update 2-3 days ago now. There are a few more features that seem to be missing in my 405x.

  1. There is no “zoom in” feature in documents, so displaying RC and insurance on the dashboard is useless as nothing can be understood.
  2. The map is never straight, it is always tilted at an angle or off center. So it is a bit confusing whole driving.

Can someone confirm if this is a problem that only I am facing or is this a common bug in the new update? What can be done about this? Thank you


These are commonly faced probs by everyone ,even for those who attended the event…Will be fixed in future updates…

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New owner here so pardon me if this question has been asked and answered before. Is there any scope for improvement to the sound that the indicator make. It is very feeble as compared to petrol scooters and is hard to hear when in traffic. One has to peak at the display to double check the icon which again is not very prominent( not needed if sound is more audible)

Can this be considered if others feel so and is possible


Unfortunately no. I had asked the same question at the Ather EC and they said it is not possible.

Long time ago, in the Old UI,it had a shortcut where you could open the developer version ,I have found the sound option over there…Although I was very eager to open that, I was very frightened as any change in the settings may void the warranty so I wasn’t able to open it that day…

I remember your installation where you shared a installation completion sequence like that of Linux OS. This dashboard software too, looks like, is built on Linux just Android OS does.

Hope it settles in the next patch release. We have a big news in the coming 2 days :sweat_smile:

big news in 2 days? what source :thinking:

YouTube unlock videos, just hoping; I won’t include the deleted tweet which mentioned January 27, 2023 :grimacing:

Ather unlocked was just award function for those who achieved new milestones with their scooters and it was part of community day but wasnt in the livestream,it was after that

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