Extend AutoHold capabilities

TL;DR: Allow AutoHold below 18% SoC, and AutoHold in ParkAssist.

AutoHold has been implemented so beautifully, it never overheats the motor and disengages (even though it has a software redundancy for it).

I live in a hilly area. The biggest disadvantage for me is AutoHold being unavailable below 18% SoC. So you have 20km of range, almost 1/5th the battery. AutoHold doesn’t seem to be a very high power consumer, for it to be limited this early.

I think the feature has matured enough for this limitation to be reduced to 5-8% or something similar. The Grid has expanded enough for me to not be so far out of range that I need to conserve AutoHold battery, even in my Tier 2 city.

Biggest inconvenience is my garage has a slope, so I need AutoHold when I go refuel my Whee at the time AutoHold isn’t available :stuck_out_tongue:

On the topic of expanding AutoHold, it would also be nice if it worked in ParkAssist. I use ParkAssist when getting into the garage where AutoHold would ease the trickiness.

Also sometimes when I’m stationary in a busy area, I like to turn on my ‘hazards’ using ParkAssist, but that doesn’t work when I’m on a slope lol. All the more reason for doing it :raised_hands:


Yes, I liked that hazard point as it will help to know that Ather is using autohold. It will tell everyone that the vehicle is on Automatic Brakes and reverse it is needed as so many times we are taking reverse at height or slope. That time autohold does not work then it makes worse to turn or move the Ather with a pillion rider.