Exploring Sinhgad with Ather 450X Gen 3 & Friends

Hey everyone, Iā€™m sharing my latest Sinhgad ride details with the Ather 450X Gen 3.

Yesterday three of us went on a trip to Sinhgad. @Parag Khute from Ather Pune group joined us along with his friend Sagar who rode a petrol bike. We had two Ather bikes and one petrol bike in total. I started my journey to Sinhgad at 5:13 AM.

My ODO Before starting the journey :blush:

We met at Krushnai Water Park at 6:17 AM before heading to Sinhgad. We began climbing the Sinhgad road at 6:30 AM from Krushnai Water Park covering a distance of 9.3 km.

After parking our vehicles we explored the greenery and historical sites of Sinhgad Fort including Wind Points and Kalyan Darvaja. We spent 2 hours and 20 minutes exploring Sinhgad. Then, we started our journey back home.

While descending I used the Coasting Regen feature on my Ather bike to regenerate battery. I managed to regenerate 3% of battery but regenerating more would have taken additional time so I increased my speed to 60 to 80 km/h.

This Image is for reference i have clicked this image from Sinhgad Parking

After descending we stopped for breakfast. Following breakfast we decided to head back home. With the battery at 45% and a distance to cover 38 km I decided to charge my vehicle at Sakal Office for 20 minutes to ensure we had enough battery for the journey. Charging for 20 minutes provided me with enough range to have a spare battery of 33%.

This image have been taken from Hotel Parking it shows battery left after coming down.

This is the photo after reaching home showing ODO and Battery left.