Experience the thrill of off-roading! - Ather Wheeecamp

Hey folks!

We’re back with the third edition of Wheeecamp to help gear up your riding skills, but this time not on a race track, but a dirt track!

Our trained instructors from BigRock will work with you to sharpen your skills on:

  • Braking
  • Cornering
  • Throttle Control
  • Vision
  • Saddling

There are two batches:

Batch 1: 9th December 2023, Saturday

Batch 2: 10th December 2023, Sunday

We have limited seats available, so hurry up and register on the form below to learn how to ride like a pro!


Can Chennai people attend this?

Yes ! You’ll have to be at the venue, it’s open for all Ather owners.

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Wow… offroad whee camp… Looks super exciting

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Yes But Our Own Travel

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(post deleted by author)

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@acorreya Bro Are you going for this Event??

Have fun guys😔

How far do u stay ?

okay, got it.

upon searching the exact location of this dirt track is in the middle of nowhere. Even from the city of Kolar it’s 20 KM. People coming from other cities, there is no trains to this place. If one wants to come you have to come by your own car. Make your own arrangements. Even from Bengaluru airport this place is 100km. Looks like I won’t be able to make it. :confused:


Perhaps folks can car pool. If I am confirmed, 5 folks can join me from Yelahanka

And when ur going sat ?

I opted for Sunday.

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Should I risk it it’s exactly 90 from my home to thre but not going more then 50+kmph idk :skull:

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The thing is it’s 60km away from the nearest Ather Grid. So going on our Ather would be tough unless they provide any charging support at the venue.

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That’s soo true

I am in Delhi man :joy: :broken_heart:

:skull::skull::v: ill email ya bro :slightly_smiling_face:

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:sob::sob::sob: I’m gonna visit BLR in a few months I hope

Hey Hasan Sure

But wait for Athers Team call to call the register customers.!

Everyone Are pretty excited .!