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Hi Abhishek,

I am excited to know that 450x is up for the final payment. I have a question. I recently bought a Vespa for my wife a month ago and it is still on temporary registration. If I want to exchange it with 450x, will I get the best price, and what will be the procedure?


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Currently the exchange program is in partnership with CredR in Bengaluru. We’ll announce here if we’re able to offer it across different cities.

Hi I have recently bought ather 450 model on the month of August 2020 so can I exchange if so please provide details…


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Waiting for the same, as announced during Open house, I hope we are couple of days away from that P2P platform announcement and any further details on health certificate and selling options.


I have a Honda Activa. I remember we had an option to sell the existing bike and buy Ather. Is that option available for Ather X?

Thanks, Vamsee

I think it’s available on rhe CredR app in bangalore.

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@abhishekbalaji - do we know if i can exchange my current honda activa and pick-up 450X that i have booked on lease?

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In Bangalore, yes

I spoke to them seems like they don’t take vehicles older than 2011