Exchange Ather 450X Gen 3 with Gen 4

Just want to know if we can exchange Gen3 with Gen4 with reasonable exchange price. IF yes please mention the deatils


You cannot exchange it’s impossible.


Yes i want to exchange


I am just asking and Ather people should consider this as underneath both models are same and they can reuse and we can get new design and all the revamped features


You would be taking huge deprecation hit since your vehicle will be considered as used vehicle. Ather will just Pay You 50% of what you paid for.


What did I miss ?

I did not have the patience to follow the very contrived clowning from some stand up at the launch live, motorinc had a very nice sane sober insightful and INFORMATIVE video without the very forced comedy (which is the way Ather should have had really done it but maybe that’s only me) but i don’t recollect any hardware changes being mentioned on either source. What are the changes that make it necessary to consider an upgrade or an exchange.


We actually paid 2L if we exclude FAME II Subsidy, as subsidy is given to people for buying a EV. And as per rule we will get only 1 susbidy/people. Ather should consider depreciation consedering 2L as on road price which is including pro pack


I’m a bit confused on the various generations. Gen 1 was the 340 and 450. Gen 2 was the 450 Plus and 450X.

Now we have 450S, 450X with 2.9 KW Battery and 450X with 3.7 Kw battery.

Now what is the difference between Gen 2 & Gen 3 and Gen 3 & Gen 4.

Difference is to attract new customers(higher gen) by betraying loyal customers (lower gen). Promising to old customers and giving features only to new customers.

Technically, other than an in-house motor controller(which enabled AutoHold), a larger battery, mirrors Yaa nothing else between gen 2 and gen 3; 3.1 had the seat and colors while the recent has coasting regen and the joystick rest pretty much has remained as is. oh Just a tit bit of what little I knew from 340 was that it came with an onboard charger. Forgot to add the side step came in gen 3 all the general accessories mirror, seats were made backwards compatible other then too I guess the gen 1’s.

Other than iterative changes how radically do you expect a product in this category to grow. I wonder how were the activa generations devoid of FOMO at these magnitudes.

So basically Gen 4 and not yet launched. The change from Gen 2 to Gen 3 involved several changes over a period of time.