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Here’s everything you need to know about the new 450 series:

Introducing the new Ather 450S:

Here’s what everyone’s been waiting for - the Ather 450S! This comes with a Hybrid Aluminium Chassis and Disc-Disc brakes providing great performance and premium braking. And with acceleration from 0-40 km/h in just 3.9 seconds and a top speed of 90 km/h, what else do you need?

DeepView Display:

From our very first Ather, our focus has been to deliver a distraction-free and fun riding experience. With 5 layers of premium and clear vision, we bring to you DeepView Display. You get the industry’s first 18-segment display in the 450S that offers exceptional clarity and high contrast, which makes it easy to read in sunlight or low light conditions.

New switch gear:

The new switchgear helps you navigate through riding modes and access smart features intuitively and easily.

You also get a button for park assist - so no more difficult shortcuts or sliding on the dashboard!

With the 5 way joystick, you can now control a bunch of functions on the screen, while on the ride!

The new Ather 450X also gets the upgraded switchgear!

Fall Safe

Falling can be hard, but getting back up shouldn’t be. With FallSafe, your Ather will now alert vehicles around in case your Ather has had a fall, and cut off power to the motor. This will help you lift the scooter by the handlebar, without worrying about unexpected acceleration.

For existing Ather owners Gen 2 onwards - this feature is backward compatible and will come to you in an update soon.

Emergency Stop Signal

The Ather 450X has one of the sharpest braking experiences in the category, bringing the scooter to a stop from 60 km/h to 0 in about 2 seconds. Riders and drivers around you dont expect a ‘scooter’ to come to a stop that rapidly, putting the Ather rider at risk for collisions in case of a panic braking situation. With ESS, the scooter detects panic braking scenarios, and blinks rear lights to alert drivers behind about a situation. ESS is standard only in European countries, but the Ather 450X and 450S have ESS built in.

Theft and Tow

There’s no need to panic about the safety of your Ather because with this new feature, whenever an unusual movement is detected. The blinking of front and rear lights, the indicator sound going on and a notification sent to your phone will indicate unusual movement of your Ather.

Coasting Regen

Launching Coasting Regen - the motor will recover energy once you let go of the throttle. Your Ather will slow down and bring a more predictable ride experience. What’s even better is the additional True Range up to 7% you get on each ride mode.

Push Navigation from WhatsApp

Through apps like WhatsApp, you can now effortlessly send your shared locations to your scooter’s dashboard with the Ather App.

Optimized Charging 2.0

With an EV, there’s constant worry about prolonging the life of the battery. A quick Google search points to a bunch of advice that’s more confusing and worrying than helpful. On the Ather, the BMS and charger algorithms take care of this, so you didn’t have to worry about maintaining the charge levels at certain percentages. We’re seeing a lot of owners still concerned about battery life. We introduced Optimised Charging earlier, that cuts off charging at 80% so you dont have to manually unplug or decide between lower range and longer battery life.

We’re introducing a significant change with Optimised Charging 2.0.

When plugged in overnight, the scooter intelligently pauses and restarts charging for you, to ensure you wake up to a full charge.

Optimised Charging 2.0 will be available to all owners Gen 2 and above, and will be rolled out as an OTA update soon.

All-new Trip Planner (450X)

With the new Trip Planner, you can plan each and every trip efficiently. Plus, you can now plan Inter-city rides too! Doesn’t matter if your Ather is completely charged or even when it’s low on charge. This feature not only suggests a route keeping in mind your battery percentage but also suggests charging grids along the way which you can pick from.

With the new Trip Planner, you can also choose which Ather Grid point you want to stop at along the way.

For existing Ather owners (Gen 3.1 450X and 450 Plus) - this feature is backward compatible and will come to you in an update soon.

Introducing the new Ather 450X 2.9 kWh

The Ather 450X is one of the best performance scooters today. But there are a lot of ICE scooter owners looking to make the switch, but do not commute long distances everyday. We’re introducing the new Ather 450X with a 2.9 kWh battery pack

When can you make them yours?

Head to our website to know about prices in your city!


Roughing up an Ather leads to scratches, dirt, wear and tear. While the accessories we launched in the past have taken care of convenience adding storage (Frunk) ensuring pillion rider comfort (Side-Step) and ensuring tyre pressure is optimal (TPMS) the next set of accessories ensure the scooter is taken care of allowing riders to focus on performance. Starting with Floor Mats and Seat covers.

image (2)

The new seat covers are available at Rs. 999, and Floor mats at Rs. 599.

Body Guard

The Ather Body Guard is a unique solution for those who want to keep the pristine look of an Ather scooter intact, without adding steel guards that compromise on the aesthetics or worry about losing warranty.

Ather Body Guard comes in a set of 8 decals, designed to protect major scratch prone areas. It’s made of transparent PU, that invisibly protects your body panels.

Ather Body Guard is priced at Rs. 1699, and you can replace decals on one side as needed.

The Ather Bodyguard and Floormats are compatible across the 450 series and the Seat Covers are compatible Gen 3.1 onwards. These will be available starting later this month.


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