Enable / Disable Incognito mode

Can an option be provided in the app (and / or browser) to enable or disable Incognito mode on the scooter?

I use my scooter mostly as a runabout for the workhop, and would like to be able to track it at all times when somebody else is using it. There are occasions when they turn on Incognito mode and waste time messing around.

Having Incognito enabled or disabled according to my preference will go a long way in remedying this situation. I’m sure others who either do or want to use the scooter as a work vehicle used by their employees would appreciate the same.

Yes please, I would 2nd this request. Lent mine to a friend and he’s currently using it since November. Went permanently incognito after a while… I would like to check on the scooter sometimes so an option to enable/disable via app would be great.

So, I’m just thinking of scenarios here… If I turned on incognito mode to hide the stats from the app, but someone turned it off using the app, doesn’t the feature become self-defeating? Why even have a mode to hide stats from the app if the app lets you simply disable it?

Especially considering the only place where stats are visible are in the app with the account, the last place where the disable feature is to be provided is within the app being used by the account holder, right? (Or, by extension, while accessing the account from the browser, since we are now talking about it).

EDIT: The more I think about it, the only way we could make it happen and still have a useful incognito mode is to introduce some sort of a ‘Delegate Mode’, wherein we explicitly state that the bike is being delegated to someone (an assistant, for example) using maybe a password on dashboard and therefore will allow the app to override modifications done on the scooter directly. Now, that seems more of an additional feature than a simple tweak in the current programme to me, but hopefully we will have this feature someday!

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The only way you get access to your scooter through the app is if you’ve provided your credentials, right?

If someone else has your credentials, that person is probably someone you trust.

We can have other strategies for this, but app based control seems to be pretty simple and reliable to implement as a starting point.

Fair point! I always saw the incognito mode as something you enable to hide the stats and current location from others who have access to your account on the app (like other members of your household). So in such cases, I felt having a mode override defeats the purpose. I can see how in your case (with your team taking it out), it makes sense for the app to have ultimate control :slight_smile:


There can be a pass code if anyone wants to turn it On/Off.


Yup, I’m leaning towards a passcode based system too! Simple and fairly foolproof.