Emergency Alert by Department of Telecommunications

Hey folks!

Just like how your mobile phones would’ve received an emergency alert from the Department of Telecommunications, your Athers might have received an alert too, just like the one below.

This message has been received by all internet service providers and all devices that have a mobile SIM card.

No need to worry, your Ather is rideable even with this alert on screen. However, a scooter reboot is necessary to dismiss the notification from your screens entirely.

Here’s how you can re-boot your Ather: How to reboot your Ather scooter?


I received multiple emergency alerts on my mobile devices per the Government’s testing procedure. I completely forgot that my Ather also has an esim. The scooter was parked in front of my house when I heard strange sounds from it. I went to check on it and it was showing the emergency alert (only after I keyed it on) . I had to forcibly do a dashboard reset to turn it back on.

Then, in another 5 minutes, it happened again!

Curious to know the experience of someone who was riding the scooter when the alert sounded.

On the plus side! The alert system definitely works!!


In my case the dashboard remained off even after swichting on the key. Later had to reset for it to boot again.

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Yes same to me

How to reset, in my vehicle also after I received msg, display is off. Several times I switched off & on, still display is off.

Hey Purushotham,

Check out this video to know how you can re-boot your Ather: https://youtu.be/SJjHBjMSnUQ?si=yhZ9IX4CRCvrrFAL

Even I faced the same issue. Received the notification and after clicking OK, the display suddenly turned off. Tried hard restart (both breaks and start button for 10 sec.) multiple times, but no luck. Had to take it to showroom. Even service guy tried force restart, did not help. Finally, they connected laptop and got the display back.

What if someone does not have service station nearby? @smridhi.kalati re-boot is not the solution for all issues :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Why Ather is posting this now? How did Govt of India send this notifications? I am from Hyderabad and not only me , all users in Hyderabad got this Notifications on phone and Ather 15 days or more earlier , Is the remaining India receiving is now?

They’re testing it zone by zone.

Yet to to receive in Odisha.

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Yes, most of us in Karnataka received the notification on to our mobiles phones and e-scooters on 12th Oct.

And other parts of India get display turn off issue soon… :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Ours came yesterday on my both mobile SIMs in Hindi as well as English. Didn’t know on my scooter which is on standby since many days [10 days]. I checked a while ago, no message. Battery % is at 43%:face_with_hand_over_mouth: