Electricks - EP2 Plan your trip efficiently with Trip Planner!

Picture this: It’s the weekend and you have some big plans in a big city like Bangalore. You need to meet your friends, go to the bookstore, go out for dinner and get back home with less than 50% charge on your Ather.

How do you do all that?

With the Trip Planner feature, you can plan each and every trip efficiently. Doesn’t matter if your Ather is completely charged or even when it’s low on charge.

This feature not only suggests a route keeping in mind your battery percentage, but also suggests you with charging grids along the way.

To do this simply:

  • Open Maps on the Ather App to get started. You can add up to 4 stops between your start and end destinations.

  • Once you’ve entered all your stops, tap ‘Done’ and you should see your entire route map on screen. You can opt for a route with fast chargers as well.

  • When you swipe up for more information, you will see a detailed overview of your trip - travel time taken between stops and fast chargers on the way.

  • Now all you need to do is tap on ‘Send to scooter’ and you’re good to go!

Super convenient.

Watch this space for more such ⚡tricks!


Yeah but send to scooter doesn’t work 90% of time.


That’s absolutely correct

I have used it and I must say it’s good only issue is waiting time but It can’t be solved (f0r now atleast)

The only gripe about it is, it’s default is set to google maps routes for Cars which doesn’t always account for roads that aren’t available to use for 2w like freeways ,certain expressways and link roads. Creating unnecessary hassle.


not the same for me…:face_with_raised_eyebrow: Send to scooter works 100% of the times and very instantly (450+ Gen3)

I guess Android specific issue?

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A samll correction, it’s not Bangalore it’s Bengaluru.

For your reference your website too says Bengaluru.

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